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What to Do With Leftover Stems

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If you’re big on smoking flower, you’ve probably run into the question of what to do with all the cannabis stems after you’ve picked the bud off them. Rather than throw them away, you may find they can actually be pretty useful. Remember, there’s still THC in there — about nine percent! So here are a couple suggestions for the next time you’re left with handful of skinny, straggly, mangled up stems.

Make Weed Butter

Start saving your stems now, because if you’re going to do this, you’ll need to have enough. The process of making THC butter with cannabis stems is pretty similar to making it with flower. Grind up the stems or shred them in a food processor. Then simmer them in butter for about 45 minutes. Once the plant material has turned brownish, strain the butter and it’s good to go. Make pot brownies, or refrigerate it for later.

Brew Tea

You won’t need as many stems for this as for the butter. Gather the stems and chop them up so that their white centers are exposed. Then place them in a container large enough for you to saturate them with about a pitcher of boiling water. If you want to add some flavor, throw in some lemon, mint leaves, or other loose leaf or bagged tea. Let the pitcher steep for 24 hours, then strain out the plant matter. Drink the tea cold or heat it up, and voila, you’ll have a Tea (HC) party.

Make an Alcohol Tincture

The process for an edible alcohol tincture is similar to the one for tea. Tightly pack a jar with cannabis stems and pour a strong, grain-based alcohol, such as Everclear, over them. Soak them for about a week in a cool, dark place, and shake the jar once a day. When they’re ready, strain the stems from the liquid and use the tincture in cocktails or drink it by the shot.

Make a Topical

If you don’t want to eat a concoction made from stems, make a cream to rub into your skin where you might be achy. Start with a coconut oil base. Infuse the oil with the stems, as you would if you were making cannabutter, then strain it. Add some beeswax and almond oil to the mix, as well as whatever other essential oils, such as lavender, you think would fit well. Make sure the salve is mixed thoroughly, then pour it into a jar and store it in a cool place before you begin to use it.

Extract Bubble Hash

Grind up the stems and put them in a jar, then pour 91 percent rubbing alcohol (or alternately, water) over them so that they’re completely covered. Shake the jar for about 15 minutes until the mixture is greenish brown. Then pour the mix through a coffee filter, and let it drip onto a pyrex, or glass oven, dish. After 10 to 12 hours, once the liquid has evaporated from the mixture, you’ll be able to scrape the remaining resin from the pan. From there, you can smoke or vaporize the hash.

Use Them As Kebab Skewers

Sharpen the ends of the stems and soak them overnight. It’s that simple. The next day, slide some meat or veggies onto them and get grilling.

What to Do With Leftover Stems