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Cannabis Cotton Candy Makes All Your Edible Dreams Come True

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Cotton candy edibles? Yes please!

B-Edibles, a San Diego based cannabis company launched in February, has created a “candy floss” or cotton candy product with 100 milligrams of THC. That’s sure to get you pretty high, so you may not want to eat it all at once. For context, people who microdose edibles usually eat no more than five milligrams of THC, while an average edible dose contains 15 to 45 milligrams of THC.

The cotton candy flosses come in rose, watermelon, apple, and lavender flavors, and are made from “naturally gluten and allergen free, non-GMO organic sugar.” Meanwhile the cannabis extract infused into all that sugar is made from a lab-tested, CO2 solventless method.

The cotton candy is sold in sealed containers in different dispensaries, though local San Diego patients can also get infused sugar from B-Edibles. “Right now we’re doing an indica, so they take it with their tea at night to help them sleep, or for their anxiety,” says Vanessa Corrales, founder of B-Edibles.

Want to make your wedding, bridal shower, or house party feel like a carnival? B-Edibles also caters events. “Everyone loves cotton candy, it goes back to childhood, having fun at the fair with your family,” says Corrales. “I really wanted to do that, since cotton candy is an icebreaker. Every time I talk about it, it gives me an opportunity to engage and actually talk about cannabis.”

Just this past month, B-Edibles exhibited at California’s Abra Ca Dabs Expo and the Kush Stock Festival. They also won second place for best edibles at the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market.

The company’s fun, flirty, pop feminine brand is a breath of fresh air into the cannabis industry.
B-Edibles’ girly appeal is both youthful and vibrant, but the company is equally sophisticated, having begun to make a name for itself as an award-winning edible maker. Among the subcultures within the cannabis industry — austere and medical, female-centric health and wellness products, dab culture, and so on — B-Edibles carves out a new space entirely, appealing to younger generations of cannabis enthusiasts.

“At every medical cannabis event that I went to, all the other awesome companies went with neutral colors, blacks, that vibe, but that’s not what I’m about,” says Corrales. “I’m all about fun and color. This plant is helping so many people and we need to be happy about it.”


Cannabis Cotton Candy Makes All Your Edible Dreams Come True