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How to Not Smell Like the Weed You Just Smoked

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Whether or not you like weed’s aroma, you might not always want to smell like it — especially, say, if you medicate before work or take a puff of a joint before dropping in for a parent-teacher conference. To avoid smelling like you just walked out of a Phish concert, vape pens and edibles are always a good option. But for those who prefer to toke the old fashioned way, here are some tips to keep you smelling like a lady.

Don’t Smoke In Your Car, or Even Inside

For starters, if you want to keep your fragrance fresh, don’t hotbox your car. Confining the smoke to a small area is like inviting it to stay on your clothes for the rest of the day. Otherwise, at least make sure the windows are open, and blow the smoke outside. Better yet, if you can help it, don’t smoke inside at all.

Have a “Sploof” Handy

While you’re smoking, have a “sploof” handy. It’s easy enough to make out of a paper towel roll with a plastic bag sealed onto one of the ends. Blowing smoke into the device will keep it from hanging out in the air around you.

Wear Body Fragrance

Also make sure to keep some perfume, body spray, patchouli oil, rose water spray, or some other fragrance on you at all times. While it won’t necessarily diminish the smell of weed on your body and clothes, it could mask it or make your overall aroma more complex.

Light Something Else That Smells

If you don’t mind smelling like a music festival, lighting some incense or sage around you will compound your, uh, herbal fragrance.

Spray Febreze

It’s understandable if you don’t want to smell like a hippie. Spraying Febreze or another air freshener should help eliminate the odor. While it won’t completely get rid of it, Febreze could do a better job than merely piling different scents.

Practice Personal Hygiene

Another simple step you can take is to wash your hands. Merely using your fingers to sprinkle the bud onto the rolling paper and holding the joint while it burns could lead to an overall skunky aroma. On that note, chew some gum, as well, if you’re afraid your breath might smell like you just smoked.

Stash Your Weedy Somewhere Odor Resistant

Also make sure to keep your weed in an odor-resistant baggie or a purse like those made by AnnaBís (a line of luxury handbags with hidden, smell-proof stash compartments.) A dank, yet smelly, odor emanating from your purse could be sure giveaway you just got high.

How to Not Smell Like the Weed You Just Smoked