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‘Kush’ and ‘420’ Are Now Officially in the Dictionary

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You know weed’s emerged from the underground when the dictionary officially recognizes the words “kush” and “420.” No, not Urban Dictionary, but, the world’s leading digital dictionary that brings in 70 million monthly users.’s latest update includes 300 new words and definitions, “reflecting everything from news stories to fashion trends,” the dictionary posted on its blog. Among words like “burkini” and “clicktivism,” the blog says, “words like ‘420’ and ‘kush’ reflect broader acceptance of marijuana use and culture, as it’s becoming medically and recreationally legal across the country.”

So if you didn’t already know what “kush” means, it’s now officially defined as a slang noun: “marijuana, formerly specific to a strain of cannabis that originated from the Hindu Kush region.” Today, “kush” can connote cannabis more broadly, or more specifically a variety that has a few particular attributes.

According to cannabis encyclopedia Leafly, kush genetics appear to be deep green with hints of purple, while the plant’s hairs or pistils, may look orange or bronze. Kush buds are generally dense and chunky, as they grow on “squat, thick plants.” Kush strains have a rather diverse smell, according to Leafly, varying between “earthy, floral, pungent, pine, incense, sweet fruit, hash spice, pepper, citrus, gas, and herbs.” Their taste is often flowery, citrusy, fruity, or even earthy or like diesel. And if you’re smoking a kush, its effects usually satisfy what you’d expect from a hybrid or indica. It’s generally sedative, but can also make you feel euphoric or introspective.

Popular kush strains include Bubba Kush, OG Kush, and Purple Kush.

As for “420” (also known as “4/20” or “4:20”), defines it as slang, meaning: “1. Marijuana (Are you carrying any 420 on you?) 2. Marijuana drug use (Police presence at the concert discouraged 420. The guys at the party were all 420-friendly.) 3. The twentieth day of the fourth month, or the time 4:20, when reference as a day or time for cannabis consumption or the celebration of marijuana culture (The head shop has a big pipe sale every year on 420.)” also lists that the origin of the term “420” dates back to 1970-1975, as a code word to describe “the meeting time of a particular group of marijuana users.” The term was later popularized by Grateful Dead fans. But more on that later this month.

Just remember, it’s always 4:20 somewhere. Happy blazing.

‘Kush’ and ‘420’ Are Now Officially in the Dictionary