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Activities To Foster Stoned Intimacy

2 minute Read

Cannabis isn’t only a useful lubricant for all things sexual — it’s also a potent truth serum, and one which can be applied quite nicely to one’s romantic relationship, I might add. Using some THC in a pointed, deliberate manner can foster TLC — and just plain help you get to know your partner better. While breaking out the vape and simply talking for a few hours also does the trick, for those of you who’d like some more specific and unusual ideas, here are a few activities that help foster intimacy when you’re stoned (or really, any time).

Ask Some Of The School Of Life’s “100 Questions”

Someone gave this box of questions to my partner as a present, and it’s fantastic! The questions are basically like a fun therapy session — the prompts range from your views on monogamy to the ways in which your childhood affected the way you approach sex. If you want to make a dinner party more interesting, you can also break these out with the vape for dessert and ask your friends all kinds of playfully-invasive things!

Ask To Look Through Old Photos Together

I love looking through old photo albums — digital or otherwise — with my partner. There’s so much I wasn’t there for, and looking through old photos always triggers stories he hasn’t thought to tell me. If you want to get to know your partner better (and also probably just make them feel really nostalgic and happy when they’re already feeling pleasantly buzzed), bust out the bong and ask them out of the blue to take you down memory lane with them.

Have Them To Tell You The Story Of An Important First

Another good prompt is to ask your partner to tell you the story of an important first in their life that you don’t have a full picture of yet. It could be the story of their first crush, their first time, their first job. Whatever it is, think of an important first you don’t know all the details of, and ask them about it in detail. If it’s about their romantic history, especially, you’ll learn volumes.

Trade Off Songs Or Questions

This is a fun game to play during a chill night in. Get lit, then take turns picking songs that are important to each of you, listening carefully to each, and maybe telling stories or memories behind them. Or, if you’d rather, take turns asking questions. One person asks whatever they want and listens intently to their partner’s answer — but doesn’t respond. Then it’s the other person’s turn. This is a way to practice active listening, creating the space for your partner to speak in detail without fear of being interrupted or argued with. (Warning, though: be prepared for things to get interesting real quick if you play this game. I wouldn’t advise it if you’re in a bad place, or it can get unfortunately passive-aggressive really quickly.)

Have Date Nights Where All You Do Is Take A Long Walk

One of my favorite nights out is simply to get stoned and go on a long walk with my partner. Sometimes, we just pick a direction and walk. For much of it, we might not even talk, but inevitably, we end up having a revealing conversation somewhere in there. So rarely in our lives do we just slow down and unplug that you might find simply setting aside a few hours to wander leads you into entirely new conversational territory. Let that truth serum take you somewhere new and spontaneous — literally and figuratively.

Activities To Foster Stoned Intimacy