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420 Dating Apps Are Here So You’ll Never Have To Smoke Alone Again

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If you’re dating someone and you think it’s going well, finding out that they’re not 420 friendly could be a deal breaker. It’s never a good feeling when your date holds their nose as you light up a joint, or when you feel judged for being a stoner. However, you could avoid those awkward moments from the get go by using a cannabis dating app. Find a bud to help you smoke your bud.

Here’s a roundup of a few we’ve tested out at Jane Street so you know what you’re in for:

420 Friends

Similar to other dating apps, the 420 aspect of this platform is most evident in its name. Otherwise, it asks you the same basic questions as other platforms like OkCupid, such as about political beliefs or occupation. The profile information includes hobbies, first date ideas, and interests. It doesn’t however ask anything about your cannabis usage. While the profiles do have some personal information you can peruse, if you’re going straight for looks, you can also merely swipe left or right just like Tinder.

High There

This app is the most cannabis-centric. It asks which kind of weed you like, in regard to how much energy you want it to give you, how you like to get high (vaping, edibles, smoking, and so on), and what you’re in the mood for, such as going out or staying couch locked. It also asks you what you want your mate to be interested in, such as culture, movies/TV, music, and more. You’ll be sure so find some “420 connoisseurs” on this app, or people who are merely looking for “smoking buddies.” It’s the least romantically oriented of the apps listed in this article, and doesn’t ask you if you’re interested in a male or female. It could simply be used as a way to make friends.

420 Match

This app allows you to sign up as a male, female, couple, or most interestingly, as a dispensary or headshop, and to say that you’re looking for any of the above, as well. However, it doesn’t allow you to check off multiple preferences, such for both men and women. It also isn’t restricted to dating. You can say you’re looking for a “smoking buddy,” friendship, fun or “whatever.” It also asks what kind of cannabis you prefer — sativa, indica, or hybrid — and how you like to consume it. You can also list what kind of weed you want your partner to be into. Otherwise, the questions are pretty basic, asking for height, drug use, pets, ambition, and a personality descriptor like “the thinker,” “the inspirer,” the visionary,” “the executive,” and so forth.

420 Singles

This app is the most similar to Tinder. It allows you to find a match based on age, distance, and gender, without any other distinguishing information. And despite that, you still may get requests from people outside your geographical range. The simplicity of the app offers a good option for people who don’t want the fuss of reading through or creating a profile, but merely want to make sure they’re date is down to sesh.

420 Dating Apps Are Here So You’ll Never Have To Smoke Alone Again