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Ganja Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Ever get high with your mom? Wanna try? Whether your mom’s been smoking pot since the Sixties or is only recently getting into it as a medical marijuana patient or an adult use consumer, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to share a joint with Mom or buy her some herbal goodies to show just how much you appreciate her. Cannabis can be a fun social thing for Mom and her girlfriends, or a way for her to bond with her grown kids.

If you’re going to buy your mom a cannabis product for Mother’s Day, make sure she’s familiar with the current market. “The first thing we ask is, do you have experience with cannabis,” says Brendan Hill, co-founder of Paper & Leaf, a cannabis boutique in Washington. “If the answer is, ‘Well, I smoked back in college or after college, but it’s been awhile,’ let her know that everything is stronger and more refined. You want to know exactly what you’re getting and the dosage amount, so low and slow is the first way to go. Microdosing is perfect for moms and people who are first timers.”

If you live in a green state and want to make Mom feel extra special on Mother’s Day, here are a couple gift ideas.

Microdosable Edibles

In line with Hill’s advice, you don’t want Mom to get too high by accident. Microdosable edibles, such as Kiva‘s THC Bites, or chocolate covered espresso beans, or THC Petra Mints, are a great introduction for someone with a low cannabis tolerance. The infused chocolate covered espresso beans contain five milligrams of THC, weed’s main psychoactive compound, while the mints contain just 2.5 milligrams. That’s a lot less THC than your average edible, which might contain 15 to 45 milligrams of THC.

Kiva Confections

Couture Cannabis Stash Bag

If your mom is wont to carry a nice purse, and stash of pot, she might like a handbag with special compartment for her weed, and one that’s smell proof. You need not live in a legal state to order one of these for your mom. AnnaBis Style carries a number of leather, odor-proof handbags and wallets with secret stash compartments, while Van der Pop‘s sleek leather bags also feature a lock, in case your mother wants to keep her stash extra safe.

AnnaBis Style

Cannabis Honey

If your mom drinks a lot of tea or simply has a sweet tooth, she might want to try cannabis infused honey. Edible companies like Echo Electuary or Honey Pot offer a variety of options, depending on your mom’s tolerance. If your mom would rather not get high, she might be a good candidate for CBD-only honey bear or honey stick, which will give her the medicinal benefits without the psychotropic effects. On the other hand, if your mom has a higher tolerance for cannabis, an entire dose could have her lit for hours.


Pre-Rolled Joints

Mom can’t roll a joint? No problem. Pre-rolls are the perfect addition to any goodie bag you gift her on Mother’s Day. Pick out a couple strains you think she’d like, a relaxing indica, a creative sativa, or a euphoric hybrid. Light up together or let her save it for some alone time or girl time with her friends.


Medicated Bath Salts & Topicals

Let Mom have a spa day for Mother’s Day. Cannabis bath salts, like Whoopi & Maya‘s lavender bath soak, are great for relaxation. Part aromatherapy, part medicine, the cannabis bubble bath won’t get mom high (the THC stays clear of her bloodstream), but will help if she suffers from aches, pains, anxiety, and other stressors. If she has a bad back or weak knees, she might also want to rub the medicine straight into where she hurts, using a topical. Or scheme with her partner, and have them treat her to a massage with medicated rubbing oil.

Whoopi & Maya

Experience-Focused Vape Pen

Mom can’t tell her OG Kush from her Blue Dream? She’s not alone. Vape pen companies, such as Hmbldt, are branding their products around experiences rather than specific strain names that inexperienced stoners might not recognize. Hmbld’ts dose pens are built so that the user can only take literally one dose at a time — you pull on the pen until it buzzes, cutting you off from getting any more THC, until you take another complete drag. Moreover, the vape pens are given names like Bliss or Sleep, providing a straightforward indication of how you might react to the cannabis inside.


Cannabis Flower Bouquet

Give this classic Mother’s Day gift a new twist by incorporating cannabis flowers into a bouquet of actual flowers. Buy some buds and make the bouquet yourself, or buy a pre-made bud bouquet from a company like Lowell Herb Co. However you do it, you’ll show Mom just how far cannabis has come from ground up shake in a baggie.

Lowell Herb Co.
Ganja Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day