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5 Cannabis-Inspired Lifestyle Brands You’ll Love

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Just because you’re wearing a pot leaf necklace or t-shirt, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re decked out in tye-dye. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, the iconic marijuana leaf means something different now than it did when baby boomers were young. In many cases it’s a fashion statement, and a high-end one at that. Today’s cannabis couture is far cry Birkenstocks and hippie hemp wear that looks like a burlap sack. Fashion is yet another industry helping to elevate and expand the conversation around cannabis. Here are a few our favorite brands doing just that.

Miss Mary Jane Co.

Miss Mary Jane is one of 5 Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Brands You'll Love

Need a sparkly pink pipe? Gold pot leaf earrings? Or rainbow pot leaf spandex? Madison, a.k.a. Miss Mary Jane, the creatress behind the girly ganja brand, has got it all. She started the company in 2013 in Denver because she wanted something that she “and other like minded ladies could identify with.” The idea is to “empower women who love cannabis to look good and smoke good.” The brand takes back “stoner,” making it sexy and sophisticated.


Canna Smack is one of 5 Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Brands You'll Love

Hemp lip balm, hemp body care, animated pot leaf hoodies, and psychedelic pot-leaf leggings are the hallmarks of this brand. Suzanne Hoggan founded CannaSmack in 2014 with the goal of presenting cannabis products (with hemp seed oil) “in a positive light while fully embracing the benefits of cannabis and proudly displaying the cannabis leaf in its logo.” Her brand has been received well in the public, but on account of displaying the cannabis leaf, CannaSmack’s promotional advertising was temporarily censored on Facebook.

Jacquie Aiche

Jaquie Aishe is one of 5 Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Brands You'll Love

This designer’s “Sweet Leaf” collection symbolizes “freedom, happiness, and healing — all in a simple, beautiful form.” Featuring pot leaf diamond and gold earrings (which appeared on Rihanna’s Instagram feed), body chains, necklaces, snakeskin leaf patch pouches, and even lighter cases, Jacquie Aiche’s luxurious line brings a 420-friendly vibe to the bourgeois bohemian aesthetic.

High Society Collection

High Society Collection is one of 5 Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Brands You'll Love

Want to wear your paraphernalia? Now you can with this posh yet practical line of cannabis jewelry. Inspired by art deco, the High Society Collection’s dual purpose items like roach clip necklaces serve both fashionable and functional purposes. Sure, without the pot leaf motif, the jewelry’s discrete, however, until there’s a half-finished joint dangling from it.

Van der Pop

Van der Pop is one of 5 Cannabis-Inspired Fashion Brands You'll Love

Stash bags never looked so classy. What with sleek colorful leather purses (including a lock to keep your weed safe), palladium pipes, and brass plated stash tools (think spatulas and spear implements for pipes and dabs), Van der Pop’s an accessory haven for ladies who love weed. Founded in 2016 by April Pride in Seattle, this line for women targets the sophisticated, modern day, working girl, who, may or may not plan on rolling a Jay right after work.

5 Cannabis-Inspired Lifestyle Brands You’ll Love