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Can You Smoke Weed in an Airbnb?

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If you’re traveling to a green state like Colorado or Oregon, you might want to consider staying somewhere 420-friendly, rather than a hotel where you can’t smoke inside.

While Airbnb has a number of cannabis-friendly options, the company doesn’t officially have a cannabis policy. Whether guests can smoke in the house or apartment is up to the host and local state law. The discrepancy between federal law, which prohibits all cannabis use, and state law, allowing for medical or recreational cannabis use has put Airbnb in a tough spot — hence why they’ve stayed quiet on the issue altogether. Condoning cannabis use inside their rentals would conflict with nationwide policy, while disallowing it is simply unrealistic, especially in states that draw ganja tourism. That’s also why people who use Airbnb can’t search specifically for weed-friendly listings.

“We cannot create a filter for this at the moment unfortunately because it is not legal in a lot of places,” says an Airbnb spokesperson, “We could have a scenario where people are putting up 420-friendly in areas where it is illegal.” That said, there are other ways to indicate whether you can toke up in a rental.

420 Cannabis • Entire Basement Apt” in Denver, for instance, condones cannabis use in the title of the listing, alone. The listing also boasts of being in walking distance from a weed dispensary. By searching for keywords like “420,” “Mary Jane,” or “green-friendly,” you might be able to find a spot where you can smoke all the goodies you buy on vacation.

Moreover, Airbnb itself announces that it’s not expressly anti-weed. “AirBnb does NOT have a policy against the use and consumption of marijuana,” its website states. “From one of our readers, they received this message from Airbnb: ‘Due to the changing laws in regards its usage, Airbnb has no policy against the use and or consumption of marijuana. However, any other drug is and will continue to be banned from any Airbnb listing.'”

And if you’re still hesitant, or would rather go somewhere that’s more direct about allowing cannabis use, there are always bud-and-breakfasts that cater more specifically to 420 tourism.

Can You Smoke Weed in an Airbnb?