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Meet MunchEase, the Supplement That Curbs the Munchies

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Want to smoke weed, but watching your waistline? Now there’s an antidote to getting the munchies, and it’s called MunchEase.

Taken in pill form, this supplement is meant to prevent overeating by allowing you to feel full from less food. Developed by father son team, Eric and Aaron Witzer, MunchEase was released onto the market in April, and is available for purchase online. Because it’s a supplement, however, it’s not FDA approved.

“MunchEase doesn’t affect your high, you still get hungry, and food still tastes delicious,” says Eric Witzer, “But after you eat, you get full and eat less food, as opposed to getting the munchies which makes you insatiably hungry.”

The idea is to take it twice a day, every day (even on days you don’t smoke) as you would with any other supplement. It works like this:

Your fat cells produce a hormone called leptin, which is supposed to notify your brain when the body feels full. As you gain weight, your body produces more fat cells, and hence more leptin. Your leptin levels also increase when you ingest cannabis, as well as when you’re sleep deprived or stressed out. When your body produces too much leptin for any of the above reasons, the hormone stops working as¬†effectively, and it’s more difficult for your brain to know when you’re full. That’s why you keep eating when you get the munchies.

MunchEase, however, is supposed to bring your leptin levels back down to normal, so that you only eat until, and not past, when you’re legitimately full.

The supplement isn’t only for cannabis consumers, but can also be used by people who are overweight, alcohol consumers who get drunk munchies, stress eaters, people who are sleep deprived, and general binge eaters. A five-day supply costs $20, while a month’s supply goes for $70.

MunchEeze will help you with your munchies

“Munchies were a problem that I personally struggled with as a cannabis user and I was someone who gained weight from my cannabis use,” says Aaron Witzer. Within six months of taking a leptin supplement, he lost 35 pounds without having to change any of his habits. He was merely eating less of the same food.

Made from hyaluronic acid and collagen, which already exist in places such as your joints and skin, as well as citrus bioflavonoid complex, Munchease is said to be safe and clinically tested.

Supplements like this one, however, aren’t the only way to reduce food cravings when you get high. Exercise is also a way¬†to regulate leptin levels, so working out before you get high might help, too. Moreover, you could opt for a strain that doesn’t give you the munchies at all. In fact, strains high in the cannabinoids or chemical compounds CBD or THCV might actually suppress your appetite.

Meet MunchEase, the Supplement That Curbs the Munchies