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America Loves to Wake-and-Bake More Than Any Other Country

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Americans wake and bake more than any other nation, according to the Global Drug Survey 2017.

The survey took information from a total of nearly 120,000 people, including 10,100 Americans and 5,400 Canadians, and focused on national patterns of use and purchase. It also took into account how price, modes of ingestion, and varieties of weed and other drug preparations. The survey’s cannabis section alone included more than 69,00 participants.

The survey found that 21.9 percent of American cannabis consumers — a greater percentage of consumers than in any other nation — smoke within the first hour after waking up. Following the United States in the most wake and bake cannabis consumers were Mexico, Greece, and Canada. Meanwhile, the Netherlands came in last with only 3.6 percent of consumers who toke during waking hours, despite several decades of supporting the cannabis coffeeshop industry.

The survey also found that the most common way around the world to smoke weed is in the form or a spliff and that men smoke daily more than women (20.22 percent versus 15.28 percent). However, while the United States came in first for waking and baking, it came in last for smoking spliffs. In Canada, only 17 percent of cannabis consumers smoke spliffs, while in Italy 94 percent do.

The survey also analyzed how much weed people were smoking and their opinions about its legality. According to the data, the average weed smoker consumes 135.4 times a year, while 18.9 percent consume cannabis daily. An even larger portion — 23.56 percent — use cannabis only once or twice a year.

Moreover, the average smoker rolls 2.7 joints from a gram of cannabis, but when combining it with tobacco, a gram of cannabis feeds on average 4.3 spliffs. Meanwhile, only 1.7 of cannabis consumer overall prefer edibles, 1.8 prefer concentrates, and 13.7 prefer hash. A strong plurality of 43.8 percent just like mid shelf “normal cannabis.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, most people who use cannabis also think it should be legal. A 75 percent majority of consumers think weed should be regulated just like alcohol, while 45 percent want private companies to regulate it, 38 percent want nonprofits to regulate it, and 17 percent want the state to regulate it.

With all this information taken into account, Dr. Adam R. Winstock, founder of the survey and addiction psychiatrist, said that American cannabis consumers had the healthiest attitudes toward weed. “It’s time to celebrate your position as the world’s most enlightened and healthy users of cannabis,” he said. “In summary, American cannabis users choose the safest way of using tobacco among any country in the world…Any concerns of health risk are mitigated by relative safe methods of using and good levels of functioning and joy at the drug law reforms wafting across the US.”

America Loves to Wake-and-Bake More Than Any Other Country