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What to Do When You’re High Alone

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Getting high alone can be a completely different experience than getting high with friends or family. While you won’t be cracking jokes or bonding with anyone over a joint, consuming cannabis solo can have a profound effect on your relationship to yourself and to the plant. Whether you want to nourish your creative side, look at your life from a different perspective, or simply relax, cannabis can be your ally in accomplishing these goals. So if you’re looking to enhance your one-on-one relationship with weed, here are a few activities for the two of you get you started.

Write in a Journal

Need new perspective on life? Before you get high, decide what it is you’re going to do and then do it. Smoke a jay and get journaling. Don’t judge yourself! It doesn’t matter what you write about, just be sure to keep letting the ideas flow out. You might be surprised afterward what you come up with — whether you’re trying to make a major decision or you’re simply musing, the THC-induced stream of consciousness can help your mind make connections you wouldn’t have ordinarily made.

Draw or Paint

Think without words. Even if you’re not artistic, doing art when you’re high can be a good outlet for expressing emotion, playing with color, or discovering a new hobby. Sit in a park and draw what’s in front of you, or extract something totally fantastical from your imagination. Drawing or painting can be a good way to relieve stress, or even just to occupy yourself in a more creative way than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

Get Active: Jog, Hike, Do Yoga

If you’re the kind of person who gets bored during solo exercise, weed could help. Depending on the strain, cannabis could help you enter a meditative headspace, or feel more in touch with your body. Professional ultra-runner Avery Collins, for instance, gets high before he goes out on long distance jogs. “It helps me live right in the moment. It makes things very spiritual,” he says. “You don’t think about anything except the run itself.” Cannabis can also make the runner’s high more enjoyable. The endorphins high from exercising and the cannabis high are actually pretty similar: both originate in the endocannabinoid system. In fact, exercising increases the amount of anandamide the body produces. Anandamide, the “bliss molecule,” is similar to those found in the cannabis plant.

Go to a Concert and Dance by Yourself

Going to see live music alone can be intimidating, but if you shake off the initial awkwardness, you can have a fabulous date night all on your own. Get high and get into the music. Even if you feel weird dancing by yourself, remember no one is really paying attention anyways. Not feeling so active? Take a spot in back, people watch, or watch the band. You’ll realize how much fun you can have just hanging out with yourself.

Take a Bubble Bath

Long day? Just want some time to yourself? Get some music playing, light some aromatic candles, roll a joint and just relax. For an extra boost, try medicated bath salts by Whoopi & Maya (especially useful if you’re on your period). Read a book in there, meditate, or just veg out. You’ll likely finish your bath feeling much calmer than when you started.

What to Do When You’re High Alone