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Ganja Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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If you and your dad live in a green state, you might consider getting him some ganja gifts for Father’s Day. Whether your pops is a veteran stoner, or is just rediscovering weed since college, there are plenty of options to suit his needs and lifestyle — and which could also be a great way for you to bond with him. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. You can find brands like these at your local dispensary, such as MedMen in Los Angeles.

A Sleek Vape Pen

If your dad is new to weed, or wants to be subtle about his consumption, he might enjoy a vape pen like the Guild Pax Era or any of the Hmbldt dose pens, which regulate how much THC you get in one hit. The Hmbldt pens are named according to their effects, such as “Bliss” or “Sleep,” and don’t let the user ingest more than a certain amount of cannabinoids per puff.


The Guild Pax Era has a sleek look, and has an accompanying phone app so the user can optimize the temperatures for flavor, monitor consumption, or lock the device.

Pax Vapor

Medicated Protein Bars

If your dad likes to stay active or exercise when he’s high, he might be a good candidate for THC-infused protein bars, such as Native Seed’s Lift Bars. These are a good alternative to more sugary products, and come in gluten- and dairy- free options. The combination pairs cannabis, which is considered a superfood, with other healthy ingredients like almond butter to keep Dad high and energetic throughout the day.

Native Seed

Pain Relief Topicals

Does Dad want to medicate, but not get high? Does he get aches and pains, or have weak knees and joints? Cannabis topicals, such as those made by Papa and Barkley, can provide relief to exactly where he hurts. Whether in the form of medicated patches, balms, or even a bath soak, the consumer can rub these products in themselves, or even hire a cannabis masseuse for a medicated massage.

Papa & Barkley

 Medicated Munchies

Tasty THC snacks like Perrywinkles Really Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs  and Sriracha pretzels are perfect for vegging out with Dad and watching TV, jamming by a campfire this summer, or just kicking it.



Dad’s not into sweets? Instead he could try Happy Buddha maple syrup pretzels for an extra kick. Either option could be a great, fun way to unwind after work or to spend Sunday afternoon this Father’s Day.

Happy Buddha

A “Not Your Father’s College Bong” Bong

Maybe Dad remembers taking bong hits back in college, but he might be impressed with the new and improved options these days. The Bong by Jet Waterpipes not only looks sleek and futuristic, but is engineered with a ceramic-infused bowl and percolation technology so that each hit is smooth and tasty. Plus, Dad won’t have to worry about the bong getting knocked over or broken, since it’s made from bulletproof glass.

Jet Water Pipes
Ganja Gift Ideas for Father’s Day