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These are the Strains of Weed Women Like

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Everyone reacts to weed differently, depending on their relationship to the plant and the particular strain itself, but there may be certain kinds of weed that women in general like more than men do.

For starters, there are various female-centric reasons that draw women to weed, including periods, menopause, girls’ night, sex, and though controversial, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery. Cannabis is known to ease menstrual cramps, lift your spirits during PMS and menopause, aid in bone loss and hormonal imbalance during menopause, help women bond with each other, help women orgasm, and alleviate morning sickness nausea.

For these reasons, not to mention the fact that women are using cannabis almost more than men these days, certain strains might be more popular among female consumers. According to weed encyclopedia Leafly, Blue Dream (hybrid), Girl Scout Cookies (hybrid), and Sour Diesel (sativa), are the top three most viewed strains by women.

Leafly’s data also indicated that women prefer sativas and hybrids, more so than indicas. Granddaddy Purple was the seventh most viewed strain, and the first most popular indica among women.

The data also showed that strains of cannabis high in the non-psychotropic compound CBD were also popular among women. CBD is known to help with anxiety, pain, and inflammation, but moreover is a good option for women, such as mothers and professionals, who don’t want to get high during the day, but do want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

The different modes of cannabis ingestion have also opened up the market for women. No longer constrained by the stoner dude stereotype, cannabis companies are branding themselves specifically for wellness and lifestyle, rather than merely getting high. Many of these brands also have a feminine quality to them that attracts a new, yet rapidly growing demographic of women — both young and old, parents and professionals, health enthusiasts and girls who just want to kick back and have fun.

Moreover, the market has come to accommodate the aforementioned women’s issues, with with topicals to rub into period cramps or discreet vape pens to hit during a work break or when you’re taking care of your kids. This all makes sense, given that the cannabis industry has a higher percentage of female executives and entrepreneurs than most other traditional American industries. There’s growing proof that much of the cannabis space is cultivated by women, for women. And that’s changing how the mainstream views weed altogether, making it not just about getting high or even getting well, but about an integrated holistic lifestyle that integrates the cannabis plant.

These are the Strains of Weed Women Like