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Five Healthy Foods to Eat When You Get the Munchies

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Just because you get the munchies, doesn’t mean you’re relegated to junk food and pizza. While mindlessly crunching on chips might feel satisfying when you actually have the munchies, you’re likely to regret it once you come down. Instead, consider some healthier options with just as much flavor and crunchiness to munch on next time you get high. After all, smoking weed is a health and lifestyle choice — and so is the food you eat after you consume it.


Rumor has it that eating myrcene, one of the terpenes or aromatic chemicals found in mangos (as well as in cannabis), might actually boost your high. If you eat a mango before you get high, the myrcene could strengthen and elongate the cannabis’ effects. Moreover, this terpene has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibiotic, and sedative effects.

Plain Popcorn

If you’re baked and feel like mindlessly sticking your hand into a bowl of munchies, plain popcorn is a low-calorie option that won’t make you feel guilty. If you want to flavor it, lightly sprinkle some salt on the popcorn, or better yet, nutritional yeast — a yellow, powdery health food made from the single-celled organism Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, high in B-vitamins, folic acid, zinc, selenium, and protein.


Want something crunchy, minus the fat and grease that comes with chips? Try munching on jicama, a crisp, juicy root vegetable. Also known as the “Mexican water chestnut,” jicama is high in fiber, Vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and other nutrients. Eat it plain, or sprinkle it with chilli powder, lime juice, and salt.


Packed with antioxidants, cranberries are a good option for cleansing your body if you feel too high. They are also easy to eat by the handful, and a healthier option for stuffing your face than regular junk food. Not to mention, a half cup of cranberries only has about 25 calories.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are great to snack on when you’re high, and easy to prepare. Drizzle them in olive oil, cumin, garlic powder, and salt, and bake them at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes until they’re brown. They’ll satisfy your craving for crunchy, tasty finger food, while still providing a good deal of protein and fiber.

Five Healthy Foods to Eat When You Get the Munchies