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Snoop Dogg Wants Martha Stewart to Invest in Weed

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These days, it looks like everyone wants to invest in weed. And not all these investors are you run-of-the-mill enthusiastic stoners with extra cash to spare; in fact many of them having seemingly little to do with cannabis culture at all. Take, for instance, Martha Stewart.

The seasoned businesswoman may be swimming in business ventures and investments, but now Snoop Dogg is trying to get her to add weed to the list. “He’d been waiting for Proposition 64 {the weed legalization initiative} to pass in California — and it passed, and he’s a very rich man as a result,” Stewart said. “He said I should’ve bought the stock up in Canada. But I’m not investing in marijuana yet.”

Recently, Stewart finished filming the next installment of “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” a VH1 series in which the pair invite celebrity guests to enjoy a lavish home-cooked meal. Last season, invitees included Seth Rogen, Naya Rivera, and Jason Derulo.

Whether the guests show up baked to the dinner is a different story — though it wouldn’t be out of character for at least a handful of them, not to mention Snoop, himself.

Nonetheless, while Stewart claims she’s still not ready to join the ranks of suits and other non-stoners who are pioneering the Green Rush, she is investing in a another kind of green: Green Eucalyptus, a color in her new Home Décor line of paints. “It can be used on any surface, interior or exterior. Great for summer projects,” Stewart said. “I find color inspiration in a number of different places — on my travels, in my gardens.”

Perhaps, if she had a cannabis garden, she’d find some inspiration there, as well.

What with the increasing number of mothers and other women becoming involved in the cannabis space as consumers and entrepreneurs, planting a ganja garden or cooking with cannabis wouldn’t be too far a step outside the scope of Stewart’s expertise.

Snoop Dogg Wants Martha Stewart to Invest in Weed