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A Pot Smoker’s Guide to Denver

2 minute Read

Since Colorado legalized weed in 2012, the state almost instantly became one of the top ganja tourist destinations in the world. With so much nature and so many hip towns, the hype surrounding Colorado is well deserved. If you’re visiting the Denver, one of the state’s capital, here are some tips for stoned activities to do on your trip.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

Known to be one of the best music venues in Colorado, if not the country, Red Rocks Amphitheater offers an overlook of the whole city — the perfect view for when you’re high and listening to live music. Not only does the venue feature concerts, but also free movie nights, hiking, biking trails, and sightseeing.

El Chapultepec

Live jazz and Mexican food munchies? This vintage landmark in downtown Denver has been around since 1933. Whether you came to dance, eat, drink, or people watch, you’ll enjoy this funky, sultry, smokey venue.

Heritage Square

This old western victorian amusement park is quite a spectacle for when you’re high. Whether you take the ten-minute chairlift all the way to the top of Heritage Square Alpine Slide or wander through the shuttered fake downtown, you’re sure to enjoy the scenery. Rides are about $20, but are worth if if you’re trying to enhance your weed trip.

Tattered Cover

This 20,000 square foot bookstore is perfect for getting high and getting lost amongst thousands of books. A locally owned Denver landmark, offers a gigantic selection of books, features in-house coffee, newsstands, and author appearances almost every day. Whether you’re looking to browse something specific or merely want to smoke a jay with a cup o’ Joe and a newspaper, this is the spot to relax amidst running around on your reefer vacay.

Confluence Park

Take a stroll along Cherry Creek toward Confluence Park, where you’ll find yourself at the intersection of the Platte River. Catch the sunset or people watch. Just be sure you’re careful about getting high outside here, as the cops might be looking out for those who violate public consumption laws. Fun fact: this site marks the discovery of gold in 1858, which lead to the foundation of the city of Denver.

Sancho’s Broken Arrow

If you’re into the Grateful Dead, this spot’s for you. Blaze and head to Sancho’s for arcade games, beer, pool, air hockey, live jam bands, and for all intents and purposes, a shrine to Jerry Garcia. Don’t worry if you reek of reefer, you’ll likely not be the only one.

A Pot Smoker’s Guide to Denver