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Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Cure Your Cramps — With Cannabis

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In the new era of fully legal cannabis, more and more people are looking to replace traditional pharmaceuticals with weed. One particular problem half of the human population has to deal with is the pain and discomfort caused by monthly menstruation.

In order to deal with her own Red Wedding this month, Los Angeles-based comedian and writer Vanessa Gritton decided to abandon her regular Midol in favor of Whoopi Goldberg’s Whoopi & Maya’s Savor spread, which promises to alleviate pain from cramping, reduce stress, and provide the added benefits of the superfood cacao.

We caught up with Gritton this week to see how her medical experiment turned out.

“This product is f***in’ lovley,” Gritton said.

Savor is a raw cacao spread, which comes in both THC and CBD varieties. Gritton’s assessment: “It’s like grown-up Nutella.”

During the interview, she hands out toothpicks to me (full disclosure: As a man, I’m not looking to treat the same symptoms, but am eager to taste pot-infused Nutella nonetheless) and a random sampling of other comedians hanging out in the room, so that we can taste it for ourselves. Her description is accurate.

“It’s smooth and creamy. There is a little pot taste, but it goes well with the cacao,” Gritton says.

The deliciousness of this regimen is great news for those who can’t handle the almost rotten taste that comes from way too much green and way too much sugar — an unfortunate trait of many of the edibles on the market today.

The short, squat jar the product comes in even has suggestions for how to eat it. You can put it on fruit, spread it on toast, or make a hot cocoa with it.

Gritton explains that “the only thing you need to be careful of is the dosage, but that’s easy here. It’s really hard to cut up a brownie or a gummy into a million little pieces. {Savor} is just how far you dip your knife in.”

The recommended dosage is 12.5mg of THC per tablespoon. A nice easy measurement, far preferable to the “bite and see what happens” approach. A benefit to legalization and openness is this exact ability to control what you take in, as opposed to a non-homogenous brownie or cookie.

“This is the only packaging an adult woman can buy and not feel like a 14-year-old stoner,” Gritton says. “It’s classy and it’s pretty. It feels grown up. It’s not like ‘Dr. Greenthumbs F*** Your S*** Krispy,’” Gritton adds, pointing to the packaging, which features an elegant design, with a deep grey background and gold neat print evoking the look of high-end cosmetic counters.

All the products in the Whoopi & Maya line have a smooth and almost regal look, seeming perfectly at home in a Whole Foods or a Macy’s.

So, it looks pretty, tastes great, and has a celebrity name attached to the brand. All well and good. But does it do what it says?

The answer is a resounding yes from Gritton, who suffers from endometriosis, a disorder in the uterine lining that can be excruciatingly painful.

“{Savor} took care of it, along with internal cramping and also a lot of the anxiety I tend to get beforehand,” she said. “This is going to be it from now on.”

Best of all, she said, there wasn’t much of a delay. “In about an hour, I was ready to go,” she explained. “I did use too much the first time. But, even then, it wasn’t like a paranoid, everything-is-terrible high. I was really warm and cozy on the inside.”

Gritton said that Midol always made her afraid that her liver might be in jeopardy long term, a common concern with over-the-counter pain killers. She said she’s going to stick with Savor from now on.

Whoopi & Maya’s Savor Cacao Spread, as advertised, is a product made by adult women, for adult women. It’s safe, effective, and tastes amazing. There is a whole line of products, including sprays and bath salts, to choose from — all of them fairly affordable.

Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Cure Your Cramps — With Cannabis