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This Woman is Using Weed Jewelry to Change the Conversation

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Genifer Murray has been working in the cannabis industry for almost a decade. In 2010, she founded CannLabs, a marijuana testing laboratory in Colorado, and later on she founded Carbon Blue Consulting, which provides science-driven insights to cannabis laboratories. As an advocate for the plant, Murray wanted to wear jewelry that represented her views, but she found all the classic pot leaf designs to be cheap and mass produced.

So she went to her dad, Glenn Murray, and expert gemologist from Arizona. “I said, ‘Dad can you make me a lapel pin?’ And he ended up making me a 2.5 karat diamond pavé indica leaf. It was gorgeous,” Murray tells Jane Street. “I used it to change minds around the country. It’s a nonthreatening way to get people to ask me about cannabis.”

That was the genesis of Genifer M, a father-daughter owned line of cannabis-inspired jewelry. The line of diamond pavé, gold, and sterling silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and pendants features different versions of the iconic cannabis leaf, as well as a depiction of the THC and CBD molecules.

“We needed something that demonstrated times are changing and that it isn’t all about pot culture. It is about giving people a choice,” Murray writes on her website. “The leaf has become much more than a piece of fine jewelry. Like all great art, it is a conversation piece that people want to discuss and admire.”


There’s nothing wrong with pot culture, Murray says, but it just wasn’t her style. “Genifer M is a push from pot culture to cannabis couture,” she adds. “Women my age want something classy and beautiful, and they want to make a difference by wearing the jewelry.”

Genifer M is also a way to allow women to elevate and rep the cannabis plant at the same time. “It’s about getting people to notice, ask questions, get educated, and normalize cannabis,” says Murray. “It’s about embracing your cannabis queen and empowering others to pass it on.” As a women-owned business, Genifer M is also one of the many examples where women are leading different facets of the cannabis industry. More than 35 percent of women are in executive and leadership positions in cannabis, as opposed to six percent in tech or nine percent in the fortune 500, Murray points out. “It’s the first time in history when women could run a billion, trillion dollar industry.”

This Woman is Using Weed Jewelry to Change the Conversation