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Why Millennials Are Trading Their Morning Coffee For Cannabis

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You may have heard about cannabis-infused coffee, but what about replacing coffee with weed altogether?

Because the cannabis plant has such diverse effects on the body — depending on both the consumer and the strain — it can be tricky to make the switch from a cup of joe to a jay in the morning. Nonetheless, consuming cannabis in the am is more than just a wake and bake routine.

More and more, young cannabis consumers are coming out, vocalizing how cannabis helps them with productivity any time of day. The lazy stoner stereotype is a thing of the past.

“Cannabis for productivity is my MO,” says Kelly, a young professional working in New York. “It’s my go-to before running a bunch of errands on the weekend or embarking on a myriad of activities. It reduces my anxiety and helps me be more functional with a lot of activities because I’m not as bogged down by the symptoms of anxiety.”

Nicole, managing editor at a California-based tech magazine, also says that while she hasn’t totally replaced coffee with weed, she nonetheless prefers the latter. “Cannabis helps me stay focused and motivated,” she says. “I feel less distracted overall, so I can get to a sort of flow state more easily when writing, editing, and creating. I haven’t cut out coffee entirely, but if I had to choose one or the other on a day when I have a lot of work to get through, I would pick cannabis.”

Depending on what you’re using it for, cannabis can help you deal with stress and anxiety better so as to better move on with your day, it can spark creativity for professional projects, or it can relieve pain that would otherwise have you bedridden all day. Many women use cannabis topicals or tinctures during their periods in order to kick cramps, get out of bed, and go on with their lives.

Meanwhile, the trend of microdosing cannabis helps professionals get lifted without getting too high to function.

To boost energy, creativity, and productivity, you might want to try a sativa dominant strain. It will give you a head high and help you think in different ways — as opposed to an indica, which often does more work on relaxing your body.

Some of the best strains for productivity, and to replace your morning coffee, might include Jack Herer, a euphoric sativa, Sour Diesel, a smooth and clear sativa, Durban Dream, a blueberry-tasting hybrid known to promote creativity, Purple Trainwreck, which provides an energetic high, and Cream Caramel, which for some even has a coffee aroma to it.

Why Millennials Are Trading Their Morning Coffee For Cannabis