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This Weed Lollipop Comes With A Special Treat: A Seed For Your Own Weed

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This weed lollipop does more than just a regular edible. Sure it will get you high, but when you finish the pop, you can plant the stick in the ground and grow more weed.

Made by Half Lit Lollipops, produced by the California-based SolDistro brand, these lollipops appear to be just like any ordinary cannabis edible. The ingredients are taken from organic bud and dosed specifically to ensure that the product is safe and its THC levels are manageable. The effects can last four to eight hours, according to the brand’s website.

But unlike other lollipops, when you finish the sucker, you get to keep the stick. That’s because it contains cannabis seeds that you can literally just plant in the soil, and nourish with the right amount of light and water.

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The lollipops come in various flavors, including Lunar Lavender, Pineapple Paradise, Watermelon Wonderland, Lit Lemonade, Hot Momma Mango, and Calming Caramel Acai. The Lunar Lavender flavor has 25 milligrams of CBD, while the rest have 25 milligrams of THC. The Half Lit Lollipops brand is meant to honor the moon, upholding the notion that it provides crucial light for the cannabis seedling to grow.

“Our name, a gentle nod to the moon above, when half of its shape dares to light up the sky,” the brand’s website reads. “Our stick, an invention that allows for a cannabis seed to grow with love from water and light from above.”

The grow weed from the lollipop stick, you’ll need to add 30 percent organic perlite and 10 percent organic vermiculite to “loosen heavy soil.” The brand’s website also suggests that you source only organic soil and place it in a container of your choice. The seed will need 11 days to germinate and one to three days for vegetative time. It will take two to three months for the flowers to start budding.

With edibles gaining popularity — they made up nearly half of the $5.4 billion legal weed sales in 2015 — the Half Lit Lollipops are a creative, and useful addition to an ever growing market sector.

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This Weed Lollipop Comes With A Special Treat: A Seed For Your Own Weed