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Why You Should Be Drinking CBD Water

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The benefits of cannabidiol or CBD, a non-psychotropic compound found in the cannabis plant, have been well documented. CBD is useful in treating pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, insomnia, and a number of other ailments. People often take CBD daily or in other regular increments, as they would any other vitamin, herb, or supplement.

You can take CBD in the form of concentrated oils and tinctures, smoke high CBD flower, swallow CBD capsules, or rub CBD topicals into your skin. However, while there are several methods of taking CBD, all of the above require you to add something, although, small into your daily routine. On the other hand, drinking CBD water fits perfectly — you drink water anyways, why not infuse it with CBD?

CBD water is an effective, tasty way to take sufficient doses of the cannabinoid without dropping tincture into your food, carrying around a vape pen (especially if you don’t otherwise vape), or remembering to take a gel capsule. It’s also easy to tell exactly how much CBD you’re getting, based on the water bottle’s dosage.

Not all CBD water is made the same, however. Though none of them should get you high, each one comes with its own set of additional ingredients, flavorings, and added terpenes, or aromatic chemicals. While it can be hard to tell which brands are the most trustworthy, here are some recommendations.

Habit 50mg nano-encapsulated CBD Water

With 50 milligrams of CBD per bottle, drinking even just one of these a day could help maintain healthy levels of the cannabinoid in your body. Habit infuses their water with terpenes to enhance the therapeutic benefits of CBD. This is known as the entourage effect, during which all the chemicals in the cannabis plant potentiate and symbiotically enrich each other’s effects. Habit’s CBD water also contains zero calories and is naturally flavored and sweetened.


CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water also uses nanotechnology to size CBD and other nutrients into tiny particles one millionth of their size and encapsulate them into water clusters. The brand then infuses them in 7.4 pH water (a pH of 7 is neutral, with lower numbers indicating acidity and high numbers indicating alkalinity).

CBD Living Water

Canna Nano CBD Water

This brand aims to emulate the hydrologic cycle in crafting its CBD water. It begins with extracting water from local sources, and passes it through sand filters to mimic the natural process of filtering ground water through layers of sediment. Then through screen filters, the water is sent toward the evaporation tank where thermal energy heats it to a temperature lower than its boiling point. “The ‘cloud’ of moist air rises and condenses into purified ‘rain’ in the condensing tank,” CannaNano describes on its website. To ensure purity, they use a carbon filter, 2 sub-micron filters, and a UV filter. Then the water is ozonated before being bottled as CBD water.

Canna Nano

Hemp Rain CBD Water

This brand uses a full spectrum hemp complex that contains CBD along with 75 terpenes. The water is also made with nanotechnology and has a pH of 9+, which means it’s very alkaline and can be used to help balance the body. It’s also infused with magnesium and a number of different electrolytes.

Hemp Rain
Why You Should Be Drinking CBD Water