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Must-Have Items to Keep In Your Stash Bag

2 minute Read

Your stash bag should always contain more than your stash — and more than just rolling papers, a pipe, and a lighter. We’ve all been there, needing something sharp to help stuff your weed into a joint, or wishing you could conceal just how red your eyes are afterwards. So whether you carry a purse or a backpack, make sure not to forget bringing around some of these must-have items to help you roll a joint or smell fresh after you toke.


If you don’t want people to see how stoned you really are, you need a cute pair of sunglasses. If you don’t already carry around a pair on the daily, throw them into your purse now.

Eye drops

If you’re going inside or feel weird wearing sunglasses at night, take some eye drops to help reduce red eye. While obviously not as effective as covering up your eyes altogether, eye drops will help reduce the redness in your eyes and make you look less high.

Breath mints or gum

If you want to conceal the smell of weed on your breath, don’t forget to always have breath mints or gum. Whether you smoke weed or not, it’s always a no brainer to carry around refreshments.

Body spray

Especially if you smoke weed in a small space like your car, your clothes will also probably smell like weed. While body spray or perfume won’t get rid of the scent, it will add a pleasant and distracting odor to downplay the potentially skunky smell of cannabis.

A pencil, tweezer, or something sharp and thin

If you’re rolling a joint, you might need some help stuffing all the weed into it at the end, once it’s already rolled. Your pinky finger is still probably too big, and without something thin like a pencil, you’re likely to lose some weed or have a hard time getting it all into the joint. If not a pencil, try a pen, a tweezer, or even a straightened out paper clip.

A nail clipper, cuticle clipper, small scissors, or grinder

If you don’t have a grinder handy, you’ll have to get creative. While it’s easy enough just to grind up some flower with your fingertips, if you don’t want your hands to smell like cannabis, or want to more thoroughly cut it up, tryin clipping your bud with a nail clipper or a small scissors. If you’re worried about the smell on your skin, try some latex gloves.

CBD Tincture, Capsules, or Vape Pen

If you’re too high from THC, you might want some CBD handy to help you level out or come down. CBD is known to help balance the psychoactive effects of THC, and is useful if you’re feeling anxious or paranoid.


You should be keeping hydrated anyways, regardless of smoking weed. But if you get cotton mouth, you’ll need at least a small water bottle handy to combat it.

A notepad or small book

If you need to roll a joint and you aren’t near a flat surface, bring a small notepad or something you could lay the weed and rolling papers out on so you don’t drop your weed on the floor and so you can more easily roll a joint.

Must-Have Items to Keep In Your Stash Bag