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The Most Beautifully Designed Pre-Rolled Joints

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Can’t roll a joint? No problem. Opt to buy pre-rolled joints and cannabis cigars instead. Rolled perfectly with high-quality rolling papers, high quality bud, and added hash oil or kief, these designer pre-rolls will change the way you smoke weed, making it all the more enjoyable and, not to mention, convenient. Never mind having to carry around a grinder, rolling papers, and something flat to roll the joint on. You can throw these in your purse and they’re ready to go.

Leira Handcrafted Cannagars

Rolled with Washington-grown weed, these handcrafted cannabis cigars are made using only organic flowers “glazed” in solventless rosin, and “sealed” in dry cannabis leaves. Leira partners with Gold Leaf, a growery that uses “living organics” that incorporate soils enhanced with teas and nutrients that maximize the soil’s natural microbes. Winner of the 2015 Dope Cup, these cannagars aren’t cheap. The 3.25-inch Cannarillo goes for $100, while the 6-inch Corona goes for $420.

Leira Cannagars

Humboldt Brothers Pre-rolls

Grown in Humboldt, California, the heartland of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Brothers’ bud is cultivated only through small-batch, sustainable methods. Their flower and pre-rolls are 100 percent organic, sungrown, and free of pesticides. High quality and affordable, these simple joints will meet your needs, whether for an afternoon pick-me-up or a cozy night reading in bed.

Humboldt Brothers Instagram

Lowell Smokes

One pack of Lowell Smoke comes with ten .6 gram joints made with organic bud that contains 22 to 25 percent THC. The flower is grown with only organic fertilizer and never with synthetic pesticides. Moreover, the company is sure to pay their farmers fair living wages, and use only organic materials from seed to sale.

Lowell Herb Co.

E4P Cannabis Cigars

These cigars are made completely from the cannabis plant. They start with a core of 4.5 grams of high-quality, dried flower grown in San Diego, California and molded into a cigarillo shape. Next, each cigar is dipped in a solventless extract and wrapped in washed and dried cannabis leaves. Each cigar contains between half a gram and a gram of extract. Then each cigar is cured for 30 days and stored in humidors, before they’re ready to be smoked.

E4P Cannabis Cigars Instagram

Golani Farms Pre-rolls

Golani offers a number of pre-rolls, included the signature Gold Rolls and Silver Rolls.The Gold Rolls are made with indica-dominant bud, mixed with a sativa-dominant concentrate, dipped in CBD-dominant C02 hash oil, and rolled in kief. The Silver Rolls, on the other hand, also use an indica-dominant blend, mixed with solventless bubble hash, dipped in CBD hash oil, and also rolled in kief. All their products are lab tested to ensure they’re free from harmful pesticides and other toxins. They also use RAW papers so that with “every drag comes a great tasting, smooth, and natural long lasting experience.”

Golani Rolls Instagram

Lola Lola 3 Cone Kit

Made with a gram and a half of bud, Lola Lola’s pre-roll kit comes with three cones and a Lolandia lighter. The family-owned company is based in San Francisco and grows its flower in Mendocino for strong cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The company holds the belief that “cannabis has a magical ability to stimulate creativity, connect people, and manifest expansion.” To that end, their pre-rolls are a perfect way to conveniently access those benefits.

Lola Lola Instagram


The Most Beautifully Designed Pre-Rolled Joints