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Your Guide to the Best Dispensaries in LA

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Angelenos, with so many dispensaries within the city of LA, it can be hard to tell which ones are the best. Whether you’re a new cannabis consumer or looking for a particular strain or product, each dispensary has its own flavor, even if they all carry some of the same products. If you’re a tourist, keep in mind that you’re not allowed to legally buy adult use weed until 2018, when the market side of legalization goes into effect. That means, you still need a medical marijuana card to purchase from any one of these dispensaries. And if a dispensary doesn’t ask for your medical card, that’s a blatant red flag they’re not legit. So while there are many non-kosher dispensaries operating in the shadows, here are a few compliant and high-quality dispensaries to help you weed out the bad guys and shop for your weed.

99 High Tide Collective

Located in the heart of Malibu, just off the Pacific Coast Highway, 99 High Tide Collective carries top-shelf strains, CBD flowers and other products, smoking accessories, vaporizers, concentrates, and a number of edibles, including vegan and gluten-free options. The dispensary also functions as a boutique, featuring visionary art, crystals, elixirs, and superfoods. Patients can also sign up for a massage, breathwork, sound healing, or reiki in the dispensary’s “healing cove.”

Zen Healing

Located in West Hollywood, Zen Healing offers discounts to veterans, free pre-rolls on Sunday’s, first-time patient perks, and a free eighth with every purchase of three eighths. What’s more, there’s even free parking in back. Zen Healing features various well-known high quality brands like Kiva, Bloom Farms, or CBD Living Water, and an extensive menu of strains, extracts, accessories, topicals, cooking aids, and more.

Buds & Roses

One of the most well-known and respected dispensaries in LA, Studio City-based Buds & Roses carries only the highest quality cannabis year-round. The dispensary staff is also “rigorously” trained to ensure they’re knowledgeable about the cannabis flower and other products their patients/customers need. The Buds & Roses showroom features a broad selection of premier edibles, flowers, vaporizers, and CBD-only options for people suffering from pain, inflammation, seizures, and other ailments.

The Higher Path

Named the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles by the LA Weekly in 2016, the Higher Path Collective prioritizes educating patients about cannabis and staying compliant with local city policy and regulations. Patients can schedule a consultation, request a seminar, or attend one of the events hosted by the dispensary. Located in Sherman Oaks, the Higher Path also features a happy hour from 3 to 6 pm and daily deals like Tasty Tuesday (10 percent off all edibles) or Wax Wednesday (10 percent off all concentrates, including kief, infused joints, and cartridges).

Med Men

A nationwide cannabis firm, Med Men has LA locations in Venice, West Hollywood, and Sun Valley. The brand has contributed a great deal to the mainstreaming of cannabis, helping to promote only the most reputable brands. When you walk in, you can peruse strains and other products on an iPad, helping you determine what kind of cannabinoid profile best suits your needs. “Bud cases” on display with magnifying glasses and vents for you to smell the weed also help customers decide what kind of cannabis fits their needs.

Your Guide to the Best Dispensaries in LA