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Could This Company Become the Blue Apron of Weed?

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If you’ve ever wanted to make edibles, but don’t know where to start, the Baking Supply Co. is here to help.

The company offers a meal kit delivery service, featuring ingredients for all kinds of deserts, from salted chocolate chip cookies to granola bars to cupcakes with matcha frosting. It even offers gluten- and refined sugar-free options.

The only thing that isn’t included, however, is the weed — but you’ll be sure to find ample instructions with how much cannabis you’ll need to make infused herbal butters and oils, and how to properly dose it.

“It’s like the Blue Apron for cannabis,” says co-founder Ali Francis, who started the company with her brother, a New York-based web developer. The sibling duo grew up on a farm in Australia. “I have always been into cooking,” says Francis, who notes that baking is one the most unhealthy parts of the food industry. “I love the idea of creating something that’s equally nostalgic, but better for you.”

A journalist by trade, Francis started working at a farm-to-table restaurant group in New York. “That was the foundation of me getting prepared to do something like this,” she says. She began baking healthy recipes part time, when her brother suggested they infuse them with cannabis.

Having suffered from endometriosis, a uterine condition, Francis was already passionate about diet, nutrition. She had also found that cannabis was “amazing” for period pain, which is often worse for people with endometriosis.

“It made sense to me, it’s where my heart is to combine those two,” says Francis. “Especially in a way that’s healthy for other people, as well.” So she began making cannabis edibles a long time before she and her brother founded the Baking Supply Co., which officially launches in November. For now, they’re still developing the business through Indiegogo.

Each month, the service will offer a different recipe, with only the best quality ingredients, like chocolate sourced from Ecuador or an entirely vegan selection of seeds, nuts, coconut and other fruits to make an infused granola bar.

With cannabis coming to be repositioned as a wellness product, that health-conscious attitude should extend to the other foods and plants you combine cannabis with. If cannabis is for your health, it only makes sense that your edibles be healthy, rather than filled with sugar or saturated fats. And that kind of healthy consciousness about all the plant and food materials you put into your body is what the Baking Supply Co. embodies.

Could This Company Become the Blue Apron of Weed?