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Getting High for the First Time? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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With cannabis gaining mainstream popularity as a medicine, a wellness supplement, and a recreational alternative to alcohol, people may be discovering the plant later in life. If you’re among those who’s curious about weed, but has never actually tried it, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, be intentional about your mode of consumption. Topicals, while great for aches and pains, won’t get you high, and edibles might get you too high (there’s an enzyme your gut releases that makes weed slightly more psychedelic when you eat it). If you’re okay with inhaling, your best bet might be to smoke from a pipe, a joint, or a vaporizer. So however you go about it, here are some tips and reminders to start your relationship with cannabis off right.

Make sure you’re with someone you trust

You have no idea how you’ll actually react to the plant. It’s best to be sure you’re with a trusted friend or family member when you get high for the first time. They should help calm your nerves or make it more fun, depending on how the experience goes.

You might not actually get high

Many people don’t actually feel high when they smoke weed for the first time, or even the first few times. That doesn’t mean to smoke the entire joint by yourself or to keep puffing till you feel something. Just accept that it might take a few occasions before you get what weed is all about.

Don’t smoke more than you need

When you smoke or vape, the effect is usually immediate and can last for anywhere from half an hour to several hours. Go slow and take it easy. A few puffs will be enough to give you a taste of what it’s about without going overboard. Weed has a biphasic effect, meaning that high amounts might have the opposite effect from low amounts. A little bit of weed might relax you and a lot of weed might make you paranoid.

If you do want to try an edible, go for a microdose

Companies like Kiva make 2.5 milligram THC Petra Mints, for instance, which is perhaps the smallest perceptible dose of cannabis to start off with. If you want more, try a 5 milligram THC dose.

Play some music

For most people who like weed, music almost always sounds better when you’re high. Play your favorite song, or your favorite album, and you’ll find yourself noticing more about it than you thought. Music can also help set the tone or atmosphere of the experience. If you’re on the anxious side, calm music will help you settle down. It can also serve as relaxing background to a good, high conversation with your friend/supervisor.

You might feel the high in your head, your body, or both

If you can, try to do some research on the kind of weed you’ll be smoking before you smoke it. Some strains are more cerebral than sedatives, while others like sativas will give you a strong head high, as opposed to the heavy indica body high. If you’re using cannabis as a medical treatment, do some research on the best strains for whatever your ailment is, be it nausea, headaches, PMS, or even a more serious condition.

Remember you won’t be high forever

If you’re freaking out and not enjoying the experience of being high, it’s common to be paranoid that you’ll be stuck like that forever. Remember that you smoked weed and that its effects will eventually wear off. If you’re having a really hard time, try vaping a CBD-only vape pen, which should counter the effects of the psychoactive THC. Even if you’re a little uncomfortable, it’s unlikely you’ll have this kind of experience, however, if you’re careful to consume only a small dose.

Getting High for the First Time? Here’s Everything You Need to Know