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Bonding With Bud: A Guide for 420-Friendly Couples

2 minute Read

Depending on the strain, consuming cannabis can be either a highly social or solitary activity. Sometimes, you might just want to spend time alone and journal, however other times, cannabis can help you connect with people in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise realized. In relationships, this can be especially true.

Cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, meaning that couples can often use to enhance sex. Some might smoke before intimate time to get out of their heads and more in their bodies, while others might use something like a cannabis-infused lube to enhance physical sensation.

However, sex isn’t the only opportunity to use weed as a bonding tool. And while shotgunning cannabis smoke is another intimate way to incorporate weed into a relationship, there are plenty of 420-friendly activities you and your partner can do inside and outside the bedroom.

Medicated massage

While this is a precursor to using cannabis as an aphrodisiac, using a weed topical to massage out your partner’s aches and pains or to merely connect with them is a classic way 420-friendly couples can bond with each other.

Watch a movie, or share your favorite funny clips

Forget doing anything fancy. Order some food, pick out a movie, roll a joint, and veg out together. Try going to for something lighthearted, such as a comedy or even your favorite funny YouTube clips.

Cook edibles together

Cooking with a partner is always a fun way to create something together. This time, you can integrate cannabis into the creation, as well. You can help each other along the way, and have something to enjoy together afterward.

Take a hike

Have anything pressing you need to discuss with your partner? Whether you need to work out kinks in your relationship, or want to contemplate the meaning of life, getting high and going on a hike is a good opportunity for you to give each other undivided attention. With no distractions (aside from maybe a beautiful view), a long hike will give you and your partner time to talk everything out, while the weed may help you see things from a new perspective.

Do a joint art project or jam together

If you and your partner are both creative, getting high and doing art or jamming together could be a fun way to explore each other’s artistic sides. It’s also an opportunity to co-create something with elements of each your personalities. You’ll also have something interesting to look at or listen to (if you record it) later on.

Do partner yoga

Cannabis yoga is already a popular activity in legal states. Now you can do the same thing with your partner. Whether you go to a class together or try partner yoga at home, doing it with the help of weed can allow you to explore the sensations in your body from a different perspective.

Read to each other

Reading out loud isn’t only for children. Getting high and reading each other magazine articles or passages from your favorite book is a way to simultaneously share the same reading material, and to experience it from a high perspective. It will also give you something to talk about afterward.

Bonding With Bud: A Guide for 420-Friendly Couples