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5 Things Pot-Smoking Professionals Wish the Rest of the World Understood

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The stereotype of the lazy stoner has long been a souvenir from the past. While many cannabis consumers lead productive, successful lives, a handful are still discreet their pot use. For instance, they’ll carry odor-proof purses or opt for vaporizers instead of flower to avoid smelling like the plant. While cannabis has made strides, having come to be regarded as much more mainstream than it’s been historically, those who use it are still risk being judged. Here are some common things productive and professional cannabis consumers might wish society better understood about them.

Consuming cannabis isn’t always the same as getting stoned

There’s a difference between taking bong rips and hitting a vape pen before work. Every time you consume cannabis doesn’t mean you’re getting too high to function properly. For many, cannabis helps them focus and work better. A little weed can go a long way — whether you’re rubbing a topical into your skin to ease joint pain, or microdosing an edible to help you concentrate or think more creatively, it’s important for non-consumers to understand that not all cannabis consumers are using the plant just to get stoned.

You can be 420-friendly without getting high at all

Cannabis topicals don’t get you high. Neither do suppositories. Neither does CBD, a prominent compound found in the cannabis plant. Many people use cannabis purely for its therapeutic benefits. No matter how much cannabis salve you rub into your skin, or how much CBD you’re consuming, you’re not getting high — and yet, you can still advocate for the plant and rave about its medicinal qualities.

Getting high doesn’t mean you’re incapacitated

We’ve already established that consuming cannabis and getting stoned aren’t necessarily the same thing. Take that one step further to understand that many people use the high mental state to their advantage. Artists, writers, even tech professionals might create or solve a problem differently when they’re under the influence.

Consuming cannabis doesn’t qualify you as a criminal

More than half the states in the nation have legalized cannabis to some degree, whether for medical or adult use purposes. Moreover, non-psychotropic CBD products are sold nationwide. But because cannabis is still federally illegal, many professionals who consume cannabis, whether for medicine or wellness, still might feel judged by employers, especially when they’re forced to take drug tests. Breaking federal law to consume cannabis, or sell/grow/manufacture it professionally is coming to be seen as less a “criminal” act than other violations of the law.

Cannabis consumption says little about your political beliefs or social standing

Republican, Democrat, anarchist, socialist, libertarian — cannabis doesn’t discriminate in who it helps. Consuming cannabis doesn’t automatically qualify you as a liberal or a hippie. The mainstreaming of the industry has helped to dispel this stereotype, but individuals are still working to separate their cannabis use from other aspects of who they are. That said, cannabis can help you see problems differently, and if you’re using it, you may be more likely to support politicians across the political spectrum who’ve taken a pro-legalization stance.

5 Things Pot-Smoking Professionals Wish the Rest of the World Understood