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Are Rihanna’s Blotting Sheets Secretly Rolling Papers?

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Rihanna has come out with the latest for her Fenty Beauty collection: new $16 blotting sheets to remove shine and allow your makeup to look like it’s just been applied. The papers are discreet, portable, and contained in a chic, tiny case.

But what’s more, after Rihanna debuted the line of blotting sheets, some of her fans thought they also doubled as rolling papers. After all, the blotting sheets do actually look like rolling papers, and it would not be out of character for Rihanna to do something like that. The pop star has been very open about her love for cannabis, having worn plenty cannabis leaf printed shirts and jewelry, smoked weed in music videos, and also taken various photos of herself with cannabis. In fact, she has been so out of the closet about her cannabis consumption that in 2015, a viable, though false rumor spread that she was launching a line of weed products called MaRihanna. So the assumption that Rihanna’s blotting sheets can also function as rolling papers is not so far off.

Unlike regular blotting sheets which come in singles, those part of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection come as a roll, from which you can rip off as much as you need.

It’s still undetermined whether the blotting sheets function well as rolling papers, but it’s at least been confirmed that they work well for clearing up oily skin. As Rihanna said at the launch event, she prefers her face to look matted, so uses the sheets as a lest step in applying makeup. And if we can guess anything about Rihanna’s beauty routine, perhaps blotting then blazing go hand in hand.

Are Rihanna’s Blotting Sheets Secretly Rolling Papers?