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10 of the Most Stylish Ways to Get High

2 minute Read

Looking to spruce up your stash accessories? Rolling joints from plain old papers seems old school with the array of beautiful pipes, bongs, vapes, and even fancy rolling papers out there. Instagram has changed the game in regard to how people see cannabis culture — including the tools you use to smoke weed, itself. Here are some must-haves if you want to toke up, and make a fashion statement.

Handmade Ceramic Pipe Set by Ben Medansky

Cute, stylish, and simple, you’ll want to collect each of these pipes in all their different colors. A throwback to seemingly ancient times, these handcrafted pipes are easy to use and are small enough to fit into any size purse.

Pax Vaporizer

For those who’ve never tried Pax, it’s simple: you place your bud in a closed compartment, heat it up, and puff the vapor. Pax comes in all different colors, whether you’re looking for a sleek silver vaporizer or one that’s playful and pink. While they’re a little bit heavy, the vapes can fit well in your pocket.

Shine Papers

Now you can literally smoke gold with these golden (and silver) rolling papers. Made with 24 karat gold, you’ll want to save these papers for a celebratory joint on a special occasion.

Slide Lighter by Tetra

If you’re upping your smoking accessory game, don’t forget about the kind of lighter you use. Tetra’s slide lighters have a hidden heating coil and no flame, so you can even take them on a plane with you.

Aeropipe by the Pursuit of Happiness

These navy blue speckled pipes are a simple, sleek, and stylish addition to your stash kit. Chic and designed for easy use, these will look cute just sitting on the coffee table or in your hand, ready to be smoked.

Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

Young Alexander’s simple white ashtray with gold details is a must have for your coffee table or night stand. Whether you’re smoking a joint in bed and need to ash, or you’re passing it around with friends, be sure this piece is nearby. With a neat finish, it’s also easy to clean.

Rose Gold Grinder from the Sweetflag Shop

You should grind your weed as stylishly as you smoke it. This rose gold grinder will add some glam to your ganj before you light up.

Roach Clip by High Society Collection

These gold necklaces double as both jewelry and a roach clip. Designed with sleek lines and a simple art deco look, these roach clips are stylishly worn around your neck, allowing you to pick up any roach with ease and convenience.

Golden Snitch Orb Stash Box

You’ll need something as beautiful to stash your weed in as you have to smoke it. This golden stash box looks like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Twist it open and it’s just big enough to fit a couple nuggets into, and not to mention, it’s airtight.

Stash Bag by Van der Pop

Need a odor-proof purse to stash your weed in? These Italian leather bags by Van der Pop are both stylish and secure. They come with a lock to keep your weed safe and special compartments to keep it discreet.

10 of the Most Stylish Ways to Get High