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This Is What to Look Out For When You Buy Rolling Papers

1 minute Read

While people often put a lot of thought into the kind of weed they smoke, they less often consider the kind of rolling papers they’re using to smoke the weed.

It’s important to look out for pesticides and strain type, but if you’re using toxic rolling papers, you’re defeating the point of using cannabis for medicine or general wellness.

Keep in mind that bleached white rolling papers are toxic. And when you burn them, you’re inhaling the toxins that get released, not to mention the basic carcinogens released by burning, alone. Many rolling paper brands bleach their papers with chemicals like calcium carbonate or chlorine; while these papers are often thicker than regular, they burn more slowly, too.

Therefore, if you love to smoke joints, be on the lookout for papers that are white or thick. The more you eliminate these two elements, the less likely you’ll be to inhale dangerous chemicals. So now, what does that leave you with?

Look for papers that are not bleached and made with natural ingredients, and which tend to be on the thinner side. RAW papers are a widespread favorite, and made 100 percent from hemp and only with organic ingredients. Bambu, Cheech and Chong, OCB Slim, and Bob Marley’s rolling papers are also good choices — made of hemp, unbleached, and devoid of harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking to spruce up your joints, try Shine Papers. They’re made from 24 karat gold and only the best ingredients to ensure you don’t ingest anything toxic.

This Is What to Look Out For When You Buy Rolling Papers