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LA’s 420-Friendly Social Clubs Let You Bring Your Own Bud

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Once California’s legal adult use cannabis market goes live in 2018, Los Angeles will become the world’s largest market and the capital of the industry. That’s a lot of weed to sell and buy, and even more to smoke. However, city administrators are debating whether to allow on-site consumption for marijuana retailers, meaning that any business that sells weed may have to forbid customers from consuming on the premises. No, LA-based cannabis businesses may not be allowed function like bars, where people come in, make a purchase, and immediately enjoy it.

However, that said, a number of social lounges and members-only clubs have been cropping up around the city to serve as fun, safe spaces where people can toke up. These businesses don’t actually sell any cannabis products, but rather membership or day passes to people who want to become part of the community. Whether you’re looking for a place to smoke and hang out on weekends, or chill spot for business meetings, these BYO-Bud spaces offer a way to work around the city regulations.

Here are a couple that have already made headlines ranging from downtown to the valley.

Hitman Coffee Shop

Located just off Miracle Mile, this social lounge offers members a place where they can find community, hang out, and get high. It functions as a coworking space, coffeehouse, and art gallery during the day, while at night Hitman hosts a number of events that educate people about the plant, showcase cannabis culture, or allow cannabis industry folk to network and build community.

The Alchemy Lounge

This DTLA-based members-only social lounge is replete with events and seminars educating cannabis industry folk about the plant and fostering kinship among them. Whether you want to listen to live music, have a business meeting, or smoke a joint before a game at the Staples center, just short walk away, this low-key spot is worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Wake & Bake

Open mics, comedy shows, lady appreciation days, and vinyl Fridays, this social lounge, located in the San Fernando Valley, comes with free wifi, pour over coffee, and a chill vibe where everyone gets to know each other. With an open patio and indoor seating, there’s also plenty of room to pick a spot and blaze for anytime, morning, afternoon, or evening.

LA’s 420-Friendly Social Clubs Let You Bring Your Own Bud