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Rose Petal Blunts Are Taking the Internet By Storm

1 minute Read

The latest trend in getting high? Smoking weed with roses.

People are wrapping beautiful blunts with rose petals. Earlier this month, Twitter user @simple_sasha posted a video tutorial showing viewers just how this can be done. You start by taking three petals off a rose, and broiling them in the oven for about ten seconds. Lick the petals to adhere them together, broil them for another ten seconds, and then you’re ready to roll — literally. Sprinkle some ground up bud right down the middle of the flower arrangement, roll it up tight, and broil it again for ten more seconds. Let it cool, and then you’ll be ready to light up.

According to Sasha, it tastes floral, sweet, and a little earthy.

The internet has since blown up around this innovation. Her tutorial video has been retweeted almost 100,000 times. Sasha recommends that you use organic flower petals, to ensure you’re not inhaling toxic pesticides or chemicals that gardeners might have sprayed on them.

Of course, there are still questions about whether smoking rose petals is healthy. While smoking anything is less than ideal, it’s often believed that it’s better to smoke something natural and organic rather than tobacco, for instance.

In fact, rose petals are often a component in herbal smoking blends for people who don’t want to get high, but still want to engage in the activity or benefits of smoking herbs. Sometimes they’ll smoke a blend of rose petals, sage, raspberry leaves, or other flowers and plants. So while there’s little science on this practice, rose blunts might still become the next biggest thing in smoking weed.

Rose Petal Blunts Are Taking the Internet By Storm