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California’s Best Museums to Visit When You’re High

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If you haven’t done so already, do yourself this favor: Get high and go to a museum. Just as music often sounds better when you’re high, you’ll also look at art and visual stimuli a lot differently under the influence of cannabis.

If you live in California stop by a dispensary on your way to any one of these exhibits. Or if you’re visiting the state, have a friend gift you some cannabis and get going (California’s adult use market won’t be in effect until 2018, so until then non-medical patients still can’t buy weed). Whether you’re looking for a trippy experience or to relax in the cool, quiet museum atmosphere, there’s much to see and explore throughout the state.

The Getty Center

The grounds alone are breathtaking, what with the gardens and architecture, let alone the art, itself. You’ll get a landscape view of Los Angeles from the museum’s various lookout points, not to mention an opportunity to get lost and explore dozens of exhibits with paintings dating back to the 1600s up until the modern day. Step inside old Victorian rooms or contemporary sculpture gardens — either way, you won’t get bored.

The Exploratorium

Become a kid again at San Francisco’s Exploratorium. With so many wacky, trippy exhibits, the Exploratorium can be hard to describe. You can turn upside down in a curved mirror, step into a tornado, walk along a foggy bridge, and explore hundreds of other hands-on exhibits. When you’re finished and have the munchies, grab a snack by the Embarcadero.

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Feel what California was like before it became an American state. The mission isn’t just a beautiful church, but a wealth of historical architecture and beautiful gardens. Though the mission isn’t a museum in the traditional sense, you’ll still learn a lot of history and step into a different world.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Take a step far back into history at the La Brea Tar Pits, where you’ll be enmeshed in prehistoric times. Never mind the smell of tar, the tar pits themselves look almost like a beautiful lake, except for the statues of mammoths dipped inside them as if they’re stuck and drowning. And while the outdoor grounds and gardens are beautiful, the inside of the museum tells a true and fascinating story about biology, geography, and anthropology. If you go when you’re high, you’ll likely stay for hours diving into the history of the grounds and exhibits.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

While not a museum per se, the Monterey Bay Aquarium will feel like you’re stepping into outer space. You’ll see sea creatures that look like beautiful aliens, or otters and other semi aquatic critters sure to grab your attention with how cute they are. Get high, make faces at fish, and enjoy some munchies on the water. The view is terrific.

The Broad

One of LA’s newest, hottest museums, the line goes around the corner for this one if you don’t already have an advanced reservation. Even so, this modern art museum is stunning. Whether you step into the Infinity Mirror room, or hide under a giant set of table and chairs as if you’re Alice in Wonderland when she shrinks to minuscule size, you’ll understand why everyone has been raving about the Broad.

California’s Best Museums to Visit When You’re High