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What to Do When Your Weed Tolerance Is Too High

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If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, you might have noticed a shift in your tolerance over the past few months or years. Generally, the more you consume, the more you need, as your tolerance tends to go up. Whether you’re looking to save money on weed or just want to smoke less, you may have considered ways to lower tolerance.

One of the best proven methods is merely to take a break from cannabis altogether so you can come back to the plant refreshed and more sensitive to lower doses. However, taking a break from cannabis isn’t the best option for everyone, especially for medical marijuana patients who need cannabis to cope from any number of symptoms, from anxiety to IBS.

If you want to lower your tolerance without temporarily quitting altogether, try switching up your routine. If you usually vape, for instance, try smoking flower, eating edibles, or dabbing concentrates. If you inhale THC, the compound is absorbed through your lungs, but if you digest it, your body works on metabolizing it. During this process, your liver turns it into 11-Hydroxy-THC, a metabolite that has a bit more of a psychedelic effect and lasts longer than smoked or vaporized THC.

You might also want to switch up when you consume. If you usually wake and bake, try instead to consume later in the afternoon. If you’re an afternoon or evening toker, see how your body reacts to cannabis in the mornings.

Another method to lower your tolerance could be to switch up the kind of strains you consume. If you’ve habituated to a particular strain you like, such as a high-CBD indica, try a sativa with a greater percentage of THC. If you’re more used to the sativa high, try a hybrid or indica.

Adding terpenes to your cannabis blend might also make it more potent. Terpenes, or aromatic chemicals, like myrcene, help the body absorb THC more quickly. You can buy terpenes on their own, or look for a strain like White Widow that’s high in myrcene.

Or you may simply want to change what you do when you’re high. If you do yoga or jog when you’re high, you’re more likely to pay attention to the effects of the cannabis more closely, whilst combining it with endorphins.

What to Do When Your Weed Tolerance Is Too High