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How To Boost Productivity with Cannabis

2 minute Read

Whether you want to get some sleep or write a song, cannabis is a versatile tool to help you with any number of activities or treat any number of illnesses. Never mind the lazy stoner stereotype, cannabis can also be a valuable tool for helping you focus and get work done — you just need to consume in the right setting. If you’re looking to ditch your Adderall prescription or merely want to use the plant to think up fresh ideas for your next project, here are some tips to integrate cannabis into your work space.

Pick out the right strain

Make sure the strain you smoke, vape, or eat isn’t going to make you too tired, giggly, anxious, or overly relaxed. A sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid may help you think more creatively whilst staying lifted and energetic. Strains like Sour Diesel or Cinex, for example, might make you feel speedy and euphoric, allowing you to fully engage in the project ahead.

Decide on the best method of consumption

Many people opt for edible microdoses if they’re trying to get high and get work done. The psychoactive effects are hardly perceptible, yet you’ll be able to replace that cup of coffee with weed. If edibles aren’t your thing, try hitting a vape pen. The neat, semi-odorless delivery method is a great option for getting high before you get to your office.

Don’t overdo it

Cannabis has a biphasic effect, meaning that in small doses it can be beneficial, and in large doses it can do the opposite. If 15 milligrams of THC helps you get your day started and focus, double that might get you too high, and potentially anxious or distracted. Start low and go slow, as is often recommended.

Ask yourself how you want the weed to help you

Are you trying to think of a solution to a problem that’s been nagging at you? Are you doing a data set, writing an article, or trying to calm down before a big meeting? Rather than getting high for the sake of getting high, decide before you get high what you’re trying to achieve with the help of cannabis. This way you can start to work toward your goal as soon as you take your first hit.

Drink coffee, open the blinds, rub lavender oil into your palms… set the atmosphere

Figure out what kind of rituals you need to take on before you get high. Some people like to combine cannabis and coffee for extra productivity. Maybe you need the blinds open for some daylight and inspiration. Or maybe a whiff of lavender oil will help you calm down and focus. Everyone has their own rituals and needs while they’re working — whether it’s ensuring you have a snack handy so you’re not distracted by hunger or a pair of headphones so you’re not distracted by your office environment, decide which other tools will help you get in the zone so you can use the cannabis as effectively as possible.

Check in with yourself at periodic intervals

Thirty minutes in, an hour into your project ask yourself what you’re feeling. Do you feel motivated and creative? Or are you feeling distracted and slow? How much did you get done in the time frame you gave yourself? Give yourself goals and benchmarks to meet them by. This way you’ll know you’re staying on track, and can use the cannabis accordingly.

How To Boost Productivity with Cannabis