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Bellacures Offers the First Ever Cannabis-Infused Mani/Pedi Service

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Marijuana mani pedis? Count us in! Meet Canna-Cure, the first ever cannabis-infused manicure and pedicure service. Recently launched November 1 in Los Angeles at Bellacures nail salon, the CBD-based nail service provides a calm, luxurious experience using Kush Queen‘s line of non-psychoactive CBD products: clients can relieve pain with a CBD soak and renew their skin with CBD scrub infused with lavender, rose hips, and borage oil. During the mani and/or pedi, clients are also treated with CBD chocolate to “chill” from the inside out.

Never mind stereotypes about who gets mani/pedis, Bellacures aims to be all inclusive, welcoming anyone who wants a “relaxing, pampering” experience,” says Gerard Quiroga, owner of the nail salon brand. “The Canna-Cure is aimed at relieving aches and pains and providing a therapeutic experience.” Bellacures was born out of the idea that nail salons should be inviting, rejuvenating, and comfortable, he adds, with cleanliness standards that are above customer requirements.


“We like to explore with our clientele and our community,” Quiroga says. “Right now, people are exploring the effects of cannabis in their life beyond its recreational use. We want to explore alongside our community by incorporating it into our mani and pedi treatments.”

While Bellacures may be the first to infuse nail services with cannabis, #weednails have been a long running trend by now. Some fashionistas have been incorporating tiny pieces of cannabis bud into their gel or acrylic manicures. The trend has since been an instagram sensation — perhaps Bellacures may follow suit.

Bellacures Offers the First Ever Cannabis-Infused Mani/Pedi Service