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The Top 10 Cannabis Industry Accounts You Want to Be Following

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Over the past few years, Instagram has exploded as one of the most valuable marketing tools for the cannabis industry. For cultivators, dispensaries, manufacturers, creative agencies, lifestyle brands, and public figures alike, Instagram had become a vital tool to gain attention and a microphone for industry leaders to influence the conversation around cannabis. In particular, a number of accounts geared toward a female audience are redefining the image of women in weed. No longer are the scantily clad, big boobed 420nurses the prototype, but rather an array of diverse, creative women taking charge of female and cannabis imagery. To become more familiar with cannabis culture today, follow these accounts and get inspired.


Defined by “high fashion,” customized cannabis jewelry, and cute illustrations, this account will show you how to puff, puff, pass in style.


Inex Women is an online “community for high performing women invested in their heath and wellness, careers, and enhancing their lives with cannabis.” You’ll see lots of inspiring messages, fun cartoons, and go-getter girl messages.


Two best friends and CBD educators put this account and conjoining company together. Their goal? To spread the word about cannabis health and wellness.


“Peaceful. Passionate. Productive. Potheads.” Enough said.


A collection of pipes, accessories, jewels, and apparel, Dank Gals presents the cutest ways to get high.


An account for girls who get high. Can you relate?


A little bit of magic, a little bit of bud. Lots of style and creativity. Expect to see images of glitter and ganj.


For the prettiest bud you’ll ever see, check out this account to peruse pictures of nuggets in all different colors.


With the goal to de-stigmatize and normalize cannabis, the Tree Femme Collective supports women in the cannabis industry and is working to end sexism in cannabis culture.


For inspiration on how to fashionably integrate the cannabis flower into your life, follow lifestyle and branding expert Morgan Leigh English, who’s working to end the stigma against smoking pot.

The Top 10 Cannabis Industry Accounts You Want to Be Following