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How to Cozy Up With Cannabis This Winter

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Tis the season… to curl up with a joint and get cozy. With the weather changing and the likelihood of temperatures dropping, it’s not as comfortable to get high and go hiking — or do anything outside for that matter. Still, you can enjoy weed just as much in autumn and winter as you can during any other season. Here’s how:

Make cannabis hot cocoa

You can make cannabis infused hot cocoa yourself, or buy a pre-made recipe you can heat up with milk, such as Whoopi & Maya’s Savor cacao. If you go the DIY route, make sure you butter to your hot cocoa recipe. Since weed is only fat soluble, and not water soluble, if you don’t have a fatty substance in your cocoa, such as butter or coconut oil, you won’t get high. Heat up the cannabis with the other ingredients to activate the THC, and strain it out once the beverage is finished steaming.

Hotbox an igloo

You’ll have to live in a snowy region for this to work — and know how to make an igloo. Pile up some snow to make a viable structure, bring in some blankets and candles, and spark up. While difficult to execute, you’ll be sure to always remember this wintry pastime.

Forage for firewood, then make a fire and chill

We’re not sure what’s more satisfying than freezing to go find firewood, and immediately warming up by the fireplace with a joint. Brownie points if you or a friend has a guitar.

Speaking of brownie points, warm up the kitchen and bake pot brownies

Roll a jay, turn up the speakers, and get stirring. As with the hot cocoa, you’ll need cannabis butter to pull this off. After, you can get creative with the rest of the recipe.

Kick the winter blues with a euphoric strain of pot

Whether you’re sad the sun’s not out or you suffer from seasonal depression, cannabis can help. Strains like OG Kush, Maui Wowie, Blue Dream, or Jack Herer can lift your spirits as the temperature drops.

Roll an extra herbal joint

Winter is loved for its scents: cinnamon, pine, peppermint, nutmeg, the list goes on. If you want to get creative, roll your joint with some wintry herbs to spice things up — literally. Be sure to buy them from a store that specializes in herbs to make sure they’re safe for smoking.

Massage your joints

Sometimes your joints can get tight or achy in cold weather. Massage a cannabis topical like Papa & Barkley’s Relief balm into where it hurts to loosen your muscles and ease whatever pain you may have.

How to Cozy Up With Cannabis This Winter