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Weed is Being Launched With a Bazooka Over the Border from Mexico

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Smuggling weed over the Mexican border is often risky, especially if you’re carrying it on your person or in your car. That’s where the bazooka comes in.

Yes, somebody has been launching weed over the border near Arizona with a massive bazooka.

Mexican police found the bazooka inside a cargo van with 1,800 pounds of weed and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. It’s been suggested that the bazooka was meant to fire through the sunroof of the van and catapult packages of weed across the border into Douglas, Arizona. The hypothesis is supported by footage from last August showing 100 pounds worth of weed traveling through air over the border.

While creative, this isn’t the first time someone has tried to launch weed over the Mexican border with a bazooka. Last year, police found a similar contraption built inside a van in Agua Prieta, a small town just south of Douglas, Arizona.

However, it’s still yet to be determined whether the same people are behind the homemade bazooka this time around or the last time. Whether the culprits will be able to pull off another in flight smuggling scheme is unclear at this time, but it does call into question the novel ways people may smuggle drugs over the border: bazookas, drones, slingshots, carrier pigeons?

Weed is Being Launched With a Bazooka Over the Border from Mexico