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Meet Canndescent, the “Ferrari of Cannabis”

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Looking to gift a loved one this holiday season? If your bestie loves weed, you might want to get them a Canndescent gift box.

The company’s name stems from the word “candescent,” meaning to have a warm glow or projecting light, explains Adrian Sedlin, CEO. “We aspire to build a performance brand for humanity and soul, where the company’s logo becomes a symbol for those pursuing excellence, living in gratitude, and daring to make the world a better place.”

Available throughout California, Canndescent’s flowers are grown in state of the art indoor cultivation facilities. The company’s proprietary genetics are grown with purified water and organic pest management, while the environment itself is customized by strain and stage of growth. Once harvested, the bud is flushed, dried, and cured for over 30 days.

Canndescent’s flowers are named according their effects, rather than as specific strains. For example, “Calm No. 104” has more subdued head and body highs to “massage an achy body and keeps your head clear, supporting evening tasks after a long day.” Meanwhile, “Charge No. 504” has more amplified head and body highs to “electrify your mind and body with a kinetic energy perfect for festival days or club nights.”

Canndescent aims to appeal to a specific audience, says Sedlin, such as consumers who value design, quality, and attention to detail. “Canndescent consumers are running to something and not running from something,” he says. “This is who we attract.”

In appealing to this audience, the brand is changing the conversation around cannabis. “Canndescent humanizes cannabis, making it more approachable and relatable,” Sedlin says. “People see our product and say, ‘So, I could give this to my mom or as a hostess gift.’ Because our packaging and product quality goes toe-to-toe with world-class brands like Veuve Cliquot and Hermes, we end up elevating the category and what people think of it.”

The brand should speak to first time consumers and connoisseurs, alike, he adds. The “cannoisseurs” appreciate esoteric elements of the flower like its trichomes (fine hairs), fragrant “nose” and shimmer. New consumers might appreciate its simplicity and the category curation. “Ferrari makes world class vehicles, and no one criticizes them for making the car keys easy-to-use,” says Sedlin. “We’ve just made easier-to-use keys for our cannabis Ferrari.”

Meet Canndescent, the “Ferrari of Cannabis”