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Gift Guide to Cannabis “Smoking” Devices

1 minute Read

Unless your Secret Santa gift is valued for under $5 — in which case, rolling papers are a fabulous gift — you’ll want to find your cannabis-consuming friends some fun ways to get high. There’s no lack of variety when it comes to smoking accessories. Here are a couple of our favorites.


While not technically a “smoking” accessory, this device will deliver cannabinoids safely and efficiently. Each puff is dosed at 10 milligrams of AeroInhaler’s proprietary blend of THC and terpenes (aromatic compounds). The inhaler comes with various flavors, including Grape Ape, Super Silver Flo, Sour Diesel, and more.

Pax Vaporizer

Want to smoke bud without burning it? This portable vaporizer lets you heat up your flower to vape it. You’ll still get the taste and effect of the cannabis, without the hassle of rolling a joint. The vape comes in all different colors and is the perfect accessory for anyone on the go.

Shine Papers

For the joint loyalists, now you can smoke your ganja… in gold. 24 karat gold. A notch above regular rolling papers, you’ll want to save these for a special occasion.

Linx Vaporizer

Voted the best vaporizer for taste, value, and portability, Linx Vapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can add any kind of concentrate to this high tech hardware, and it will even tell you how hot your cannabis is getting.

Summerland Ceramics Bong

Looking for a stylish way to smoke? These ceramic bongs by Summerland double as a smoking device and a cute way to spruce up any room. Crafted by hand in California, these bongs will help get you high and deliver vibes from the newly legal Sunshine State.

Gift Guide to Cannabis “Smoking” Devices