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Beyond Stocking Stuffers: How to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Christmas Celebration

1 minute Read

Looking to spice up your Christmas celebration this year? You may already have filled your stocking stuffers with pre-rolls and vape pens, but cannabis can play a role in more than just gift-giving this season. From decorating the house to cooking Christmas dinner, here are some ways to integrate cannabis into your holiday rituals.

Replace your mistletoe with weed

A new spin on the old tradition: instead of kissing the person you’re caught under the mistletoe with, pull off some of the bud and smoke a jay with them instead.

Deck out your wreaths with cannabis bud

In line with the latest trend adding cannabis flower to flower bouquets, intertwine your holiday wreaths with some bud, too. The decorative dank will also lift your spirits once you untie it to smoke on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

Infuse your Christmas dinner with cannabis

Whether you make medicated gingerbread cookies, medicated mashed potatoes, or drop some cannabis oil into your eggnog, there’s no lack of options for getting lifted while you lounge around and eat. Boost your appetite before hand with a munchies-stimulating strain like Monster Cookies or Sonoma Coma.

Replace beer with bud

Watching the game on Christmas day? Try a relaxing indica like Northern Lights or Afghan Kush, or an infused beverage like Cannabis Quenchers‘ CBD mango or THC hibiscus juice.

Play a Christmas movie smoking game

Pick a popular word or phrase that various Christmas movies have in common, watch a movie or two, and every time that word or phrase comes up, take a hit of a joint or vape pen. If you want to limit your intake of THC, opt for a CBD pen or flower.

Beyond Stocking Stuffers: How to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Christmas Celebration