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Research Shows the Archetype of the California Cannabis Consumer

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For California, legal cannabis her, so where does the industry stand at this moment in history? To get a sense of the most popular products in the state, cannabis social network HighThere conducted a data report to better understand the preferences of the California cannabis consumer.

“Because our business is bringing people who love pot together, it’s important for us to get to know our users,” the report states. “When people sign up for HighThere, they share their activity preferences, social goals, and favorite ways to consume cannabis so that we can match them with other users who have common interests.”

Generally speaking, the report found that edibles and smoking flower were most popular in the Sacramento region, while vaping and dabbing were most popular in the Los Angeles County area. “I think that NorCal has a more traditionalist sense and approach to cannabis consumption, so it makes sense that flower and edibles would be the preference to our friends up north,” says Darren Roberts, CEO of High There. ” With SoCal having a majority of millennial users who are more open to new forms of consuming, vapes and concentrates could be winning in that market.’

The report found that vaping was also the most popular among both men and women over the age of 44, which the researchers say makes sense given its reputation for being a healthier choice. Moreover, the report found that “staying in” was more popular than “going out” (22 percent versus 16.5 percent), suggesting that cannabis consumers are consuming more often in private (which makes sense, since public consumption isn’t allowed under state law). As far as preferred activities, the report found that food and music were most popular, followed by going outdoors in nature and seeing a movie.

All the data was collected by users who input information about themselves when they sign up for the app, looking for like-minded people to connect with.

Overtime, Roberts predicts that flower will remain king in California, even as other forms of consumption continue to grow. “We are really excited to see how California plays out over the next 365 days and beyond,” he says. “We hear from our user base daily, and their enthusiasm for further legalization is palpable. We hope California will help move the rest of the country forward with regulation and look forward to sharing more insights from our community over the coming months.”

Research Shows the Archetype of the California Cannabis Consumer