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If My Best Friend or Partner Frequently Consumes Cannabis, Should I Chip In When they Share it with Me?

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Do you have a best friend or partner who’s always smoking weed? Do they often share it with you? And if so, do you ever feel guilty, like you should be chipping in for it, even if they’d be smoking anyway on their own?

It can be tricky deciding when it’s appropriate to put down money for weed and when you should accept the generosity of others.

Much of the answer depends on your relationship to this person, such as whether you’re romantic partners, how often you share things, and how often you see each other. Even so, here are some things to consider next time you’re wondering whether to put aside some weed money for your generous pal.

Is there a fair trade happening?

Maybe they’re always bringing the bud, but you’re always stocked with munchies — in which case, if you’re smoking their weed, and they’re eating your food, it’s about an even trade. Or maybe you bought the Uber to the party, and they brought weed — then you’re also even.

Are you sharing between the two of you, or with other people?

When your close friend or partner is sharing weed not only with you, but with a group of people in a more social scenario, it might be polite to offer to put down money, which would encourage others to do the same. While it’s one thing to smoke out a close friend (raise your hand if you and your bff have had a running tab open for the past 15 years), it’s another thing to smoke out a group at a party. While generosity is admirable, so too is being a gracious recipient.

Did you request a certain kind of weed?

In some scenarios, you’ll get smoked out without knowing what you’re getting — that’s up to the person whose weed it is, and their preferences. However, if you start to make requests (like “Oh next time, can you get some Girl Scout Cookies?”) and those requests are more expensive than what the person might already be getting, consider chipping in.

Will they be offended if you offer to pay?

This can be hard to determine. Sometimes people want to be generous and any offer to diminish that can be taken with offense. Other times, they’ll appreciate your offer and turn it down. For this, no advice can be given without knowing who exactly you’re dealing with — use your judgement here.

If My Best Friend or Partner Frequently Consumes Cannabis, Should I Chip In When they Share it with Me?