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Five Weed-Free Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiast

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It’s not easy being a cannabis enthusiast in a state that hasn’t legalized adult use or medical marijuana. While you might not be able to buy actual legal weed, however, there are still a number of 420-friendly accessories and products to rep your love of cannabis. Whether you want to buy your stoner friend something that isn’t weed (some of us like to pick out our own), or you want to send them a gift across the country, here are some weed-free suggestions.

Handmade Candles by Stoner Girl Dreams

Handmade with lavender, rose, “moon milk,” and more, these aromatic candles are decorated with dried flower and glitter. Once you finish the candle, you can keep the hand-decorated cup that containing it, adorned with shiny images of moons, cannabis leaves, roses, and more.

Stashbox by Cannador

Protect your stash with Cannador, a curing and storage box set to maintain your cannabis flower’s humidity, flavor, and freshness. Like a humidor, but for cannabis, Cannador offers discreet wooden boxes, big enough for a few jars of weed.

Cannabis Leggings by Miss Mary Jane Co.

No better way to show your love of cannabis than to proudly wear it on your sleeve… or pant leg. Miss Mary Jane Co. designs a variety of cannabis leggings in all different colors, featuring prints of the iconic cannabis leaf and the bud.

HerbSafe Cannabis Storage

As the self-proclaimed world’s first actively curing container, HerbSafe offers an aerated system for cannabis preservation and storage. The containers come in various sizes and protect cannabis flower from air, moisture, light, heat, and carbon dioxide exposure.

Bong/Flower Vase by My Bud Vase

Both pretty and practical, My Bud Vase can function as a bong or a flower vase. Liven up any room with these colorful vases-turned-bongs, made from found antique flower vases. They come in various different sizes and colors to fit the look of any room.

Five Weed-Free Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiast