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Canna Gold Wants You to Go Beyond Smoking with Cannabis Bath Bombs

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For ultimate relaxation, you can bathe with your bud — literally. Cannabis bath bombs are yet another way you can soothe your body and even get a little buzz.

Meet Canna Gold, a small company helping to change the way we engage with cannabis. “The idea for Canna Gold came to me while I was working as a massage therapist in Los Angeles; I couldn’t find a decent topical to help me with injuries,” says CEO Michael Pinsky. “At the time, I had a medical card to grow my own cannabis, and I started cooking the flower to develop lotions and creams for myself and my patients. And demand grew from there.”

Pinsky began creating his own healing products in 2010, and by 2015 officially founded his company in Hermosa Beach. Canna Gold’s bath bombs are all handmade, with natural plant-based ingredients. The process begins with whole-plant extraction, says Pinsky, before he goes onto pair the cannabis with essential oils and herbs for the desired aroma and medicinal benefits. The cannabis itself comes from a small local farm in Los Angeles.

“We infuse all our products using an indica and sativa hybrid so our products contain a small percentage of CBD and THC for relaxation and pain relief, as well as a body-high,” he says. Other ingredients include coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and plant-based dyes.

“Canna Gold strives to provide healing products to help fill the market’s desire for a luxury experience,” Pinsky says. “Created for new and regular cannabis users, our goal is to help people heal naturally through our topicals (versus prescribing to pharmaceuticals). Part of our brand identity is to focus on educating consumers that there is much more to the marijuana industry beyond smoking.”

Bath bombs have a history of being used for both physical and mental cleansing, as well as for healing benefits, he explains. “Throughout history, and from archaeological digs, we know that baths have held a central place in healing throughout ancient Rome, the Middle East and more. We focus on female clientele who have a common desire to relieve stress, recover their minds and repair their bodies through an elevated bath bomb experience.” The idea is to make bath time even more relaxing through cannabis’ healing properties.

Canna Gold Wants You to Go Beyond Smoking with Cannabis Bath Bombs