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Our Favorite Weed Photographers on Instagram

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Looking for weed porn? Look no further than Instagram. Okay, okay, not that kind of porn — though weed is a highly effective aphrodisiac — we’re talking more like cannabis photography. When smoking joints, eating edibles, vaping, or using topicals, it’s rare we get to interact with the cannabis plant, let alone take a long, hard look at the flower. Up close, you’ll notice hundreds of details you never thought about, rainbow of colors, tiny little hairs, and textures you never would have considered. Luckily, if you don’t have the opportunity to take a magnifying glass to a cannabis plant on your own, a number of photographers with ultra fancy lenses are doing it for you, and documenting what it looks like.


Did you know weed looked like that up close? We just learned that, too. Follow New York-based photographer @marihuanamike for getting up close and detailed with the cannabis plant.


Ever seen a drying room? Ever seen bags of bud that get distributed to manufacturers and retailers? Go behind the scenes with Bess Byers, cannabis photographer based out out of Seattle.

The cannabis plant is much more exotic when you look at it through Oleg’s lens. This Seattle-based photographer features close up shots of the cannabis plant, different varieties of the plant, and an eclectic selection of the people who consume it.


If you’ve never been to a cannabis farm, Kristen Angelo’s photos will transport you there, showcasing all the different aspects of a pot farm, from the trim station to the drying room.


So maybe up close, you can’t tell if that’s raw honey or cannabis extract and maybe that’s part of the point. Photographer Sean Moore shows details not only the plant itself, but the concentrates made with it.


Stock Pot Images is basically the Getty Images of Cannabis. Enough said.


Photographer Randi says she’s trying to improve the image of cannabis. And that she is doing. She writes on her website that her “goal is to reverse the negative propaganda around this wonderful plant. To show another side of cannabis that most aren’t used to.”


This Detroit-based photographer is showcasing the cannabis plant in all its different colors, along with the bright, gooey range of products made from it.

Our Favorite Weed Photographers on Instagram