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Forget Flowers: Your True Love Wants This Marijuana Bouquet

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There’s finally a bouquet fit for a marijuana queen. Lowell Herb Co. in Los Angeles is selling a new flower arrangement for artsy bud lovers: a marijuana bouquet made with a cannabis focus.

That’s right. A cannabis bouquet, complete with nugs nestled alongside little white flowers, eucalyptus, and lavender. Each bundle has an ounce of weed, and if you’re in the Los Angeles delivery area, it can be yours for $400. It might be the most expensive bouquet you ever buy, but it’d also be the most loved bouquet you ever buy.

Lowell Herb came up with the idea as a Valentine’s Day gift. After all, who would want jewelry, chocolate, and roses as presents when you can have a decorate, consumable flower centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day dinner table? Clearly, Lowell Herb realized they landed on a good idea. The company told Huffington Post that they are “considering offering them outside of just the holiday,” and judging how it’s still on their website, the decision appears to have been made (at least in the short term).

According to the Lowell Herb pledge, the bouquet only uses flowers grown with organic fertilizer, no synthetic pesticides, and is raised by farmers who are paid a living wage. So you can feel just as good about where your bouquet comes from as you feel about your bouquet. The catch: Only people with a med card can buy them until California businesses are licensed for recreational marijuana sales in 2018.

For everyone else, time to pick up that quick flower arrangement class!

Forget Flowers: Your True Love Wants This Marijuana Bouquet